Pirate attacks

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    • Pirate attacks

      Just reminding, I currently treat pirate attacks with military action. I never play the pirate game, i.e. I never attack others, just trying once in a while to gather some points, and if be luck I get to have some res, all for the better.

      Pat zi duckling
      You actually tried to pat the duckling = stupid :P
    • I guess this is his way of saying that he is going to launch military attacks for this:

      Victory! Your pirates have successfully raided the Pirate Fortress belonging to vivaldi30 in Catone in Utica. In the process, you looted 7416 capture points. Your pirates are on their way home.

      Looks like I need to beef up my army/navy!!! I'm in for a long winter now...

      Thanks to FallenHero for my sig
    • Weren't the holidays created just so we have a time to make trouble?

      My troops are nervous. My ships are ready to scatter. Any moment now I am going to get a :blackeye:

      FallenHero, come save me!!!! :hail:

      Thanks to FallenHero for my sig