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Your Ikariam Team

  • The Game Team

    Game Staff
    Game Staff look after Servers to which they are assigned. They are responsible to apply Game Rules, to help users with in-game related problems and anything else that involves their Servers.
    Game Administrators
    GAs are responsible for the Game. They coordinate the Game team, tasks and work. They relay information from GameForge.

    Server Game Staff
    1 Alpha α Draxo
    2 Beta β Sampisa
    16 Pi π All GOs
    17 Rho ρ Antikythera
    28 Charon Ratna
    29 Demeter All GOs
    30 Dionysos Antikythera
    31 Eirene Pokahontas
    32 Eunomia Sampisa
    33 Gaia MrSniperZ
    34 Hades MrSniperZ
    35 Hephaistos MrSniperZ
    36 Kaikias Disconnect
    203 War Server All GOs

    You'll Never Walk Alone

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