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  • Ikariam Signature Championships

    The Ikariam Signature Championship is a collaboration project between several Ikariam communities where we are competing head to head to find out which community has the best artists. Each community needs to choose one signature that is going to represent them during this contest.

    The creators of the winning signatures will receive as prizes:

    1st place - 20 EUR Gameforge coupon
    2nd place - 10 EUR Gameforge coupon
    3rd and 4th place - 3 EUR Gameforge coupon

    The competition is divided into several stages, first of them being the selection of the signature they choose to represent them. This part takes place on each individual board.

    That is followed by the the four voting rounds. Everyone can participate in the voting to help the signature you like the most win!
    The first voting round starts in the end of March. Each voting round lasts one week.

    Some general reminders when posting here:

    • The language used to vote and comment is English
    • Everyone gets one vote in each voting thread
    • General Board Rules apply here aswell.
    • Remember to respect the work of others.

    For now while we are waiting for the signatures to be created, have a say in our discussion thread.

    If you wish to participate with sending in your work, check here.

    We hope you'll enjoy the event!

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