The usage of doctors

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  • The usage of doctors

    General Information:

    Many people don't like doctors now because of their high upkeep and low efficiency.
    Right now doctor cure some hit points (if I'm not mistaken - around 80).

    My idea is, if every doctor heals, let's say 80 hit points, if we have many doctor, their potions and elixirs to help dead units to survive and in this way of thinking to revive dead units (including machines).

    There should be a limit though of the % dead army surviving, which I suggest to be no more than 50%.

    What are you suggesting? (What changes are to be made?)
    How will it change the battlefield? (How will it effect other units? Will it be balanced?)
  • [rmpa] hmm, I think that this suggestion should have more infos, eg how many docs will have to be on the battlefield to heal how many hops or swords etc..

    I will reject this one because lack of infos but you are welcome to make another one with more specifications and I would approve it, maybe :) [/rmpa]
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