The Long Awaited Prophecy Is Fulfilled

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    • ... The last name is very familiar ... Now that may just be chance, of course.

      Something wicked this way comes? Hmmm? And I think, more a disciple of the hairy sexy one, not his hairiness himself ... Hmmmm again?

      Ye Gods I'm glad I came back from Test server exile ^^
    • Nice usage of Bro Gun in the Sig Napoleon. He causes all sorts of fires to burn deep down. Don't you worry your virtual uncle is just fine.

      Ag we fought together spreading the goodness of Bro Gun a long time ago. Side by side with the other disciples of Bro Gun. Anyname, FatmanLittleboy,Hemlock and many others who found the middle stall to be their new home.

      As has been said many times before. Bro Gun arrives precisely when he means to.
    • As with the Phoenix, so shall BroGun rise again... and again and again and again... no safety words will stop the wreckage that shall occur to the orifices of those that doubt the might of BroGun!

      May BroGun have mercy on your flesh!

      Don't like my post? Then change your mind! - Kenny Powers

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    • When I got the sudden growth of chest hair and a manly beard, I knew it was the Brogun blessing. Good to hear the deep bass rumblings of the Bro Gun.

      I'm on the world Omega...may our world with Xi's.

      [MEH] Beta and Sigma.
      "Bitter experience in war has taught the maxim that the art of war is the art of the logistically feasible."
      - ADM Hyman Rickover, USN