[EN] Shop Changes Due To Eu Guidelines

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    • [EN] Shop Changes Due To Eu Guidelines

      Dear Players,

      the changes to the shop are a direct result of an adaption to the new EU consumer rights directive. The following link leads to further information concerning this topic: europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-14-655_en.htm.

      We have observed the development concerning this new situation and received several requests for revocation already with high amounts. Unfortunately it turned out in the majority of the cases that the premium currency has already been spent and therefore a return to us was not possible anymore. These cases did not lead to bans, however, we decided to protect ourselves against such cases in the future. As a result of this the shop has been changed accordingly. We would have preferred to avoid this step and leave everything as it was but unfortunately it turned out to be necessary regarding the clear tendency that showed itself.

      Kind regards

      You Ikariam.Org Team

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