Town battle ends suddenly in round 1

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  • Town battle ends suddenly in round 1

    General Data

    Browser (+full version data): Not important (I wasn't on-line when the battle took place)
    Extensions: None
    Did you try deleting the cache/cookies?: No
    A summary:
    Someone attacked one of my cities, in which I had 6 slingers and 60 cooks. In the first round, mortars breached the wall, but instead of continuing battle into round 2, my army was retreated (by who, I don know). How can an army be retreated in round 1???

    Account Data (in Options ingame)
    Player-ID: 116310
    InGame Name: Reaver
    City-ID: 201068
    Exact ingame time or time frame and date: 02.11.2014 17:40:12 and also an old battle from 29.10.2014 0:50:14
    CombatID (if you can but not necessary): 149835 and 148433

    Other/Further Information:

    Screenshot (please do not alter):

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  • By remove units you want to say dismiss units?
    Hmmm, I can't remember exactly, but I don't think so.
    In the battle with 6 spearmen wasn't even online. When I logged in, I saw the battle report.
    In the battle with full units, I was online and prepared to take some actions after the battle would start, but I did not recall if I dismissed any units.
    Is there a known bug if you dismiss units just before the battle this would happen?
    Even so, if this is the case: maybe it could be for the full battle, but for the 6 spearmen battle, I am quite sure I didn't do anything before the battle.

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  • Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    By remove, I meant moving units out of town.

    An example, there is an incoming pillage/occupation, and you remove some units out of your town, then you recall them back into the town.
    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • It happened again.
    This time, there was a spearman from an ally in my city, besides my own spearman :))
    After the first round, my army formed from 1 spearman and 30 cooks retreated themselves in round one, but my ally's stayed.
    No need for screenshot, the combat ID is: 162961