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Your Ikariam Team

  • Never share your Passwords or Personal Information

    To all Users.

    As a result of several attempts to impersonate staff members, the Ikariam team would like to remind all players to be extremely vigilant of certain messages that request you to enter into certain sites that has no connections to GameForge sites, and/or to request for your real name and your passwords, or email addresses.

    • do not give your password to staff members. They DO NOT need passwords to enter to ANY accounts.

    • keep different passwords for ingame accounts and board account.

    • do not click on unknown links sent to you, or links that resemble anything to the ikariam board or the ikariam game.

    • do not log into third party websites where it asks for your ingame or board account nicks and passwords.

    • Any surveys or requests to enter into Gameforge sites will be announced here or sent via special Ingame announcement, and will not be sent to players without advanced information or warning.

    Your Ikariam Team.
    You'll Never Walk Alone