To all of those who said you would crush me

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    • To all of those who said you would crush me

      Over the years, there have been so many who were pissed off from my raiding, pillaging and plundering. So many who have uttered phrases like these:

      1. I will crush you
      2. I will drive you from this game
      3. You will wish you had never been born
      4. ___ months from now you will be gone and I will be laughing

      Oh, I could go on, but you all get my point.

      Today GF deleted a ton of inactive accounts. There is now nobody left who uttered one of the aforementioned phrases to me. So many of them I just clamped down on and drove them into inactivity.

      This isn't to say that I am trying to say that I'm a bad is just me saying that the stupidest thing these folks ever did was to tell me that THEY were going to make ME quit. I never understood why anyone who was being pounded would make such a boast to he who was pounding them.

      My favorite was a guy named something like "mitron". I pillaged him once, when he was inactive, and when he because active again, he started the "I am going to destroy you" messages. For over three months I kept him locked down as he tried over and over to free himself. He actually swore on his mother's grave (who, I was informed, died giving birth to him) that he would force me to quit long before he ever left the game. Three months later, he sent me a message that read something like "I am leaving this stupid game to you. You never defeated me. In fact, I am the real winner because you are still playing this stupid game while I am going to live my lift". Then, he deleted his account.

      So long, Epsilon. Hello, Beta.

      Thanks to FallenHero for my sig