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  • Dead end ideas

    This list is a guideline for suggestions that will not get approved when suggested. The reasons vary, but the most common include it either being something that Gameforge thinks does not fit the game, something that tries change the premium features or something that has been rejected numerous times.

    The list of dead end ideas:

    • Nothing that is mainly used for ruining another person's account. This includes building destroying, research/upgrade forgetting, destroying someone's town and just about anything else.
      Ikariam is played over months and years - not hours like most other games. In other games you can destroy a player's basic foundations, making him loose. In Ikariam, this would effectively bring a player's hard work of several months - sometimes a year or more! To nothing. One of the main aspects of Ikariam is that you can always rebuild. Some attacks would prove major setbacks, but you're never back to square one - you always have your towns/buildings/researches to help you rebuild.

    • New resources
      The resources at the moment are all a good and required element of the game. Introducing another resource upsets this balance and completely changes the game. Unless you can give really good reasons for why a new resources should be introduced, don't start a thread about it.

    • Transferring Ambrosia to another player in any way shape or form
      Ambrosia is not a normal resource, and is designed not to be traded or raided.

    • Anything that suggests getting Premium features for free
      Users that get Ikariam Plus are paying for those features. That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features. If you want to have these features you should have to pay for them just as the rest have.

    • Reverting the patch
      While Gameforge strives to make every patch the best it can, it can still introduce bugs or other quirks in the system they didn't see. These issues will be taken care of in future patches. There is no reason to request or suggest that we revert the code to a previous version. Reverting the patch also includes removing any features, modifications or bugfixes.

    The Team reserves the right to change, add or remove anything in this list if need arises.

    Oh, hello there, I see you are reading what is written here. Do have a jolly good time doing so.

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