It's Only A Game [IOAG]

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  • It's Only A Game [IOAG]

    Alliance Name... It's Only A Game
    Alliance Tag... IOAG
    Founder of alliance and/or current leader... Reggaeman
    Contact person or diplomat... WesleyS
    Brief description of Alliance... "When we're good no one remembers"..." When we're bad no one forgets"

    Current number of members... 26
    Current Allies... None.. but open to negotiation
    Current Enemies... None.. But i'm sure we'll have some soon
    Current Rank... 17th

    You know who is not you know where right now
    Leave a thing after the you know what and i'll get right back at ya

  • As it was in the beginning So shall it shall be in the end

    To "Quote" Bob Marley... well i am the Reggaeman afterall

    As it was in the beginning
    So shall it shall be in the end

    Once upon a very very long ago an awesome alliance ruled the kingdoms of Alpha.. feared by all and respected by many

    The Wrecker was the founder of this awesome alliance and Lichgate came to lead this powerfull and fearsome alliance

    It's name.... ALINC

    It was with great sadness that many of the leaders members and it's founder passed on through back into the real world leaving behind them a great legacy and it was a legacy impossible to live up to

    While many have used the name and few have copied the style and the tradition of ALINC none was as good as nor will there ever be one as good as the Original True ALINC

    There has recently been a merging of the worlds and throughout these worlds can be seen tribute alliances in the name of and in respect to ALINC

    But why am i mentioning the name of ALINC here ? what has ALINC to do with IOAG ?

    Some though not all of those former ALINC members left still playing the game of Ikariam who originate from the Alpha server are here in the IOAG alliance and the IOAG alliance has the founding alliance page from the original ALINC alliance

    Since the merging of the worlds scouring the highscore it is duly noted that there are now many players here in the new alpha server who are former members of ALINC be it from alpha xi or omikron servers

    while ALINC is laid to rest respectfully and it will never be again nor will there be an alliance as awesome as it was with its original founders leaders and members The IOAG alliance is looking to form and play in the style and tradition of ALINC

    IOAG is presently recruiting and would love to see some of it's former ALINC brothers be amongst any applicants looking to join us ...

    You know who is not you know where right now
    Leave a thing after the you know what and i'll get right back at ya

  • Reggaeman wrote:

    It's name.... ALINC

    ALINC was a legend but was brought down by internal polotics and shear weight of numbers limpeting on to the name......the likes of ALINC will never be seen again unless an unfortunate alliance tries to imitate the legend.
    The heart of ALINC was invincible but was worn down over the shear scale of protection they tried to provide.
    Some current alliances insist they are as honourable as ALINC but are really only after individual fame.
    Fame creates illusions. Illusions create a sense of omnipotence.
    If you are number one, there is always untold numbers clambering to take that they allies or foes ;)
    Trelan [SCO] Observer Corps