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  • MUST READ: GameForge Features - Vote For Features

    This is a list of features that are already planned to be voted in by the community for upcoming versions of Ikariam!
    Please read through this list prior to submitting your suggestion to make sure it is not already there.

    1. Indicator for wine consumption
    The tool tip for the resource wine will be improved by adding the current wine consumption of the city you're currently in.

    2. Research advisor: show how many research points are missing
    The research advisor will show how many research points you're missing for a specific research package.

    3. Military advisor: tooltips
    The icons in the military advisor will get a tool tip which shows what the icon stands for.

    4. Messages: Empty messages can not be sent anymore
    Currently it is possible to send empty messages. This will be changed so that in future messages with no text at all can not be sent anymore.

    5. Cultural goods: Select all
    When requesting a treaty instead of having to select all viable options manually there will be an option to just select all of them and send your request.

    6. Garrison view: send messages
    The garrison view will provide a "send message" button next to each player in the garrison so you can easily contact them.

    7. Ikipedia: show possible upgrades in workshop
    Similar to the ikipedia entry for the barracks for example it will be shown which upgrades are available in the workshop from which level on.

    8. Alliances: ingame message for deleted members
    The minister will not only get a notification but also a normal ingame message when a member of his alliance is deleted.

    9. Upgrades can be cancelled [clarified: military upgrades in workshop].
    Pretty much all actions in the game can be cancelled apart from upgrades. It will be possible to cancel updates upgrades then too. However, resources spent for the upgrade will not be refunded.

    10. Cultural goods treaties: sort by alliance
    Cultural goods treaties should be sortable by alliance.

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