Increase Max Level of Palace to 12 + allow 13th town

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  • Increase Max Level of Palace to 12 + allow 13th town

    General Information:
    Many of us strode to become the biggest builders and achieving the L11 Palace to get the 12th colony was a major landmark - but the number of people who have done this has grown and many of us have had 12 towns for a very long time.

    What are you suggesting?
    Increase the maximum level for Palace & Governor's Residence to 12 and allow players to have 13 towns.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    Increase expansion of player's dominion's
    Stimulate growth
    Allow players with 12 fully built towns to have either a new established town or allow them a mobile town

    Suggestion Reason:

    1. Growth of players has stagnated
    2. Long term players may be losing interest and this would give them a major challenge to achieve
    3. Very established players who had 12 towns fully developed before Piracy was introduced could then use their 13th town as a mobile to join in the Piracy game. It is clear that to do well in the Piracy addition, you need a mobile town. So players (like myself) who can't use a mobile just don't bother with Piracy - thus a new part of the game is being under played.



    Special Notes:



    "Don't piss me off - I'm running out of room under the patio"
  • But how many resources would be required to built up our GRs ?

    Anyway, I would agree with this suggestion
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