Ability to block messages/players

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  • Ability to block messages/players

    General Information: well at some point it gets really annoying having to put up with 100 CM's a day about [jake]*CUT*[/jake] piracy, so i think i am not the only one suffering from having his inbox filled up with [jake]*CUT*[/jake] CM's all day long, since it seems like most people don't remember that not everyone plays or is interested in "piracy"

    What are you suggesting? ability to block any player or the creation of a block list, to keep my sanity in one piece.
    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? it will give those players not interested in useless things the ability to get rid of the bazillion CM's an hour

    Suggestion Reason: tiredness of 300 circulars a day about piracy.

    some people don't care about "piracy"... period. and if they get blocked for spamming inboxes "too bad" life is tough... get used to it.

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