Pinned Photoshop for absolute beginners

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    • Photoshop for absolute beginners

      Welcome to photoshop ^^ I hope you will like it
      Lets start.

      On the FILE menu, select OPEN option

      When you click this option you will get this window

      When you find file with image you want to work on in PS is select it by clicking on it in the list on the left side
      When the part where your images opened 2x click on the image and open it in PS.
      Now the work starts on the picture.
      If you want to cut only part of the picture
      In the left menu, select RECTRANGULAR MARQUEE TOOL

      With this tool mark the part of the picture that you need for work. Then in the upper line of the menu you select IMAGE --- CROP only that part of the image will be shown, everything else around is deleted.
      To write something on the picture in the same Tool (on the left side) select icon with the letter T (tape tool). Right-click on this icon, you can choose whether you want to write vertically or horizontally.
      Write anywhere on the image . Written text is easy to move around the image. You move it, so that when you take the little mouse from the text appears instead of arrows black arrow and with that move the text in the image where it suits you. When you write text passage in the second row it is the same as to write in word, also will be cleared when I make a mistake. When you finish writing you click enter only numbers. If you want to turn the runway at the second part of the same picture just place the mouse and left click.

      When you're all finished and the image is larger, you should decrease it. It works by IMAGE option, in the drop down menu select IMAGE SIZE. In this mode, the size and width of the image can be changed. Open up this window


      You determine the width and height of the image and the image resolution that can be reduced.
      Be sure to check that the checkbox next to constrain proportions is checked
      With this the image is proportionally reduced
      Once you do that you click on OK
      Then go to File and choose option SAVE AS. When you click on that option a new window will open

      in FORMAT option you select JPG and click on Save. After that, a window

      Here you choose the quality of the image. In Part SIZE choose the weight image so that it can respond to your need. I finish this by clicking on OK.

      In Photoshop you will work using layers. You can have however many layers.. Working in layers is the most interesting and gives a best effect.
      So to go to work in layers.
      When you want to do a picture in the option you choose FILE NEW you will get this window

      Widht and height are width and height of the image. It is the size of the image you create the ultimate size.
      When you choose to put the size you want to, click OK. Get this empty area of the desired size

      This is the area where you will place the layers over one another to reduce them and make them to be the way you want.
      Now, take a picture of, it does not matter how much larger the surface of the base for the work I create is the same in PS. Now on the screen you have something like this

      Now you have two tabs
      One is empty layer and the second layer is an image. You want to put image in the empty layer.
      Go to the layer with the image
      menu and mark the whole picture with RECTRANGULAR MARQUEE TOOL then Upper line with menu
      EDIT – COPY then click on tab with empty layer then EDIT – PASTE and you have this

      But that's only part of the picture that you copied and you should see the whole or at least a major part.
      Now hit CTRL + T image will be marked boxes on the corners. Now it looks

      Mouse turns into a small black arrow and with that it you can move the layer. To reduce the image layer must move up to the lower right corner that reduces the layer. All the time keep the SHIFT button pressed, if you happen to leave it's no big deal again pressing CTRL + T resume operation. So this is how you get when you move the layer. And the lower right corner of moving image.
      Whole image in layer

      Hold Shift and gently drag the mouse up (mouse now looks like a dash with two arrows on both sides). How to reduce the image so slightly move the mouse on the image and the lower the down and back from the angle reduces the image. All the time keep the SHIFT button is pressed. At the end you get this picture
      Now this image is the first layer of your new image. When you have finished with images Press Enter to hide an indication layer. In the lower right corner of the screen now you have like this

      You have BACKGROUND that is empty and Layer 1 it is your image that you put on it. Now add another layer so that you'll click on your CREATE A NEW LAYER And get this far like this

      You have 3 layers
      1 – background
      2 – picture
      3 – new layer
      A method of reducing Layer 3 is the same as for for LAYER 2. When the lower receiving this picture.
      You can change position of layers. You do that in the lower right corner. Just click on the layer and drag it to where you want it to be
      If you want to continue working later in the picture do not keep it as a JPG format but as a Photoshop (PSD. PDD) format. You will then again, when you open it, have layers. Which will be clearly seen in the lower right corner. Supplied with enough to click on the layer and the layer will be selected to work in it.
      When you reduce the image or render layer is not required to see the whole picture and that all fit in your chosen size. So reduce your little picture but you can see the desired part of the area you selected is no problem when all else save the image will be automatically deleted. When you write on the image do it in new layer just for the text.
      When working with text in one font when you type something and you do not like how it looks and want to change the text. This is done by what just highlight text and tool bar above selecting the desired text.

      RED – All fonts you have
      GREEN – Font size
      PURPLE – Text aligng
      Before you do anything of this you need to mark your text. You do that same as in word.

      If you want to erase just something form image you can use ERASE TOOL

      Have fun in phtotoshop ^^

    • Good job Atina :)
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