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  • dump Levels

    General Information:

    What are you suggesting?
    please increase dump level to 44

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    allow you to build larger palaces with dumps only. beyond that you need ambrosia.

    Suggestion Reason:
    basically, there is a point of no return when your trying to build 10/11/12 towns. you might as well stop around level 20 something and buy ambrosia to grow your towns. this is good for gameforge, but not for the players points. doing the math, level 44 (not 40) is the closest to the "cut off line" allowing you to build that last town without a lot of extra resources. and in just a few more levels you wouldnt be able to store enough in the dump to level it up anyways. it just makes more sense to max out the dump to the point where you can build it as high as it will store (modifiers included)

    Why are you suggesting this? What will it solve/make easier? Think carefully about this one, most suggestions will get heavy critical feedback. Make sure you give a detailed reason and your suggestion solves the issue that you think there is.

  • Why not :thumbup:
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  • Right now for the last level of palace we need 1x 40lvl dump and 4x 40lvl warehouses, so you argument about 44lvl for dump isn't valid. I'd vote for this only if they would increase levels of other buildings (like palace, town hall etc), otherewise it's part of strategy.
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  • How about 64? Is a logical upgrade from 32. ;)

    However I think the OP's point was that its at level 44 that a player would be unable to actually go further since its cost would exceed its strorage capacity.

    A soft limit.

    I see no reason why not btw. :)

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  • the only way for the dump lvl increase to be helpful, is to be upping the cap to 50
    that way you will require 1 dump and 3 warehouses to get that lvl 11 palace
    and have building space for something else

    oh and it would also need a cost adjustment; as it is now, the lvl 40 dump upgrade cost 2/3 of the lvl 11 palace upgrade
    and I simply don't want to see the lvl 50 dump be costing more than the lvl 11 palace
  • im sorry i have no replied to this. i have been very busy.

    I did the math, and with all your resource modifiers, level 44 is needed to level your palace from 9 to 10. (i believe. its been a while since ive done the math, i can check again)

    with building material being the one that gets you. And actually, level 44 is not the soft limit when you add in resource and contruction modifiers, i think that is up around level 47 (in all honestly, i would prefer the soft limit just as a matter of "i did it" )