0.6.4 Update

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  • 0.6.4 Update

    This was rolled out globally today. Starting around 10:00 CET.

    Feature - Automatic logins
    Once auto-login has been activated for an account, the player will be automatically logged into the game the next time they visit the homepage.
    Modification - Combat report overview
    The overview screen has been completely overhauled and various bugs fixed.
    Modification - Combat report list
    The list of combat reports has been completely overhauled and can now be sorted by various criteria.
    Modification - Town relocation
    Troop movements leading away from a town which is to be relocated, and which may no longer be visible to the town owner, no longer prevent the relocation.
    Various bug fixes mostly related to the combat report list and overview.
    Additional information:
    - In combat report overview only events (active wonders, ...) of last 10 rounds will be displayed
    - In detailed battle report you'll only have access to the last 1000 rounds (if you do have more than 1000 rounds)
    - IP-Sharing-treaties will be limited to 10 partners
    -Registration with Facebook will no longer be possible (Login will continue)

    Your Ikariam Team

    edit: due to the overhaul of the combat reports, previous combat reports (before this update) cannot be reviewed. We apologise for this. ~iots.

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