Pinned Clarification about IP sharing after 0.6.4 update

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    • Clarification about IP sharing after 0.6.4 update

      Dear Players,
      as you noticed, update 0.6.4 introduced, for IP sharing declaration, a limit of 10 accounts. In this way, nobody can have legally more than 10 11 (eleven) accounts to manage. We want point out that any further undeclared account that will interact with one of declared accounts will be permabanned (for multiaccount), along with other declared involved account.
      Thank you, and enjoy!

      02.Aug.2015 - Update
      I noticed that I did a mistake. I confirm that a single player can put in place max 10 IP treaties, and this means - obviously - that a user can own max 11 accounts: 10 multis and the main one. Nobody is perfect, so... my apologies :) ~ Sampisa

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