SRB cr's and double standards

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  • SRB cr's and double standards

    This is the proper place for a discussion about SRB+mods i hope....
    after getting warned for flaming. i followed Jakes advice and i read the board rules again as well as reading his descriptions of flaming+trolling.
    SRB then opens a thread with a direct insult in the first post.....nothing. later in same thread they are again clearly trolling....nothing. it seems SRB is above your rules? these posts by GF own written rules are trolling 100% but i am now guessing its a mods opinion more than any rule that really matters here is it not ? if the mod does not percieve it to be trolling then its not? am i mistaken? i find this to be BS. calling someone an idiot or noob should get the same warning/ban for trolling. was i flaming in my posts??? you bet your Sunshine i was, i got warned and i dont intend to get involved with it again yet SRB are still free to troll us all, if we light them up with words we are the ones who are getting warned. imo rules, once written are not open to personal interpetation any longer. this is double standard. anybody else find this to be true or am i standing alone on this matter? as far as SRB not posting up bad cr's...we have to post them in our own personal or alliance threads in order to show that side of the story, we can all do that np but who will stop SRB from trolling our threads? i see it in many threads already but notthing is done about it. if you warn us for posting in the SRB thread because we are not SRB members, is it not fair keep them out of ours too? again a double standard...SRB is free to continue to troll our threads while theirs is off we have some recourse? is there a report a biased mod feature? no...just deal with it or get banned. i promised you Jake not to act a fool in the threads anymore. but i wont be played for a fool either. im interested how the other players feel about all this. speak up and be heard people. :grumble: i dont know how this ended up in Alpha disccusion sorry, this is for sima server.

    EDIT- Moved From Alpha to Sigma also edited a word as bypassing censor is against board rules - Hera

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  • I have said this before and I will say this again...

    Discussions of warnings or such is not to be discussed on the forum...if you have any issues PM the Moderator...if nothing can be resolved or you feel you are not being heard then contact their Super Mod...if you still feel you have not been heard then by all means contact the Board Admin...the list of the board Team can be found here:
    Board Team

    As for SRB posting CR's in your threads...has this been in the last few days If so point me to where these CR's have been posted (Via PM) and I will happily move them to where they should be.

    My inbox is always open for discussion. :)

    Now closing this thread before more unwanted post will be made...

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