BANE song

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    • Yeah its BANE!! The mad dogs are loose, set free from their chains.
      Stalking the servers like surgeons, letting blood out the veins
      of all who complain or try to maintain,
      that they play on a type of level they can only hope to attain.
      Now to the dreamers they say, " Its time to wake up"
      From Pi up to Sigma they are dipping their cups
      in the vast reserves you choose to hoard in your towns.
      The dogs of BANE always seem to be tracking it down.

      Try to run! Try to hide! You got no place to go when your in BANE's sights.
      You best stand up and get ready to fight, BANE is coming to put out the lights.
      Nowhere to go but you better not stay...
      Here comes BANE!!!

      Shrugging off the mass attempts you keep making to flee
      your military vision laid to rest for all to see, but thats ok, because all will agree,
      that BANE rocks a tactical equation that they couldnt even comprehend down at M.I.T.
      Its all for nothing but you keep on trying, little pixles they just keep on dying.
      Tears turn to rivers from the endless crying, go try em out if you think im lying!

      Try to run! Try to hide! You got no place to go once your in BANE's sights.
      Get on your feet and ready to fight, BANE is a viper always ready to strike
      Better step up because its time to play...
      Here comes BANE!!

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    • So if you bring a plan dont make it static, BANE will simply school you on warfare dynamic.
      You will have found that your view was cheap as plastic while BANE held a vision like a vast panoramic.
      Every calculation made, dealing out your death. Adding your attempt to the list of the rest
      who must now confess, that they were playing checkers when the game was chess.
      You got the question but no need to ask it. If you rise up and you try to task it,
      BANE will put you so deep in the hole,,,youll be putting lotion in the basket.

      Try to run! Hide your eyes! There is no one to save you when your in BANE's sights.
      They are the chill down your spines, they are the bumps in the night.
      Come on out its time for the game..
      Here comes BANE!!