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    • Elite Fighters

      Alot of players think they are the best and thats a good attitude to have in a fighting game. many players go out hunting o-points and fight in all their alliance wars but would they fare as well fighting top competition? lets find out :)

      If you think you are one the best fighters in Ikariam write a reply here to enter your name in the event or to post ideas.
      *minimum requirements to enter: full troop/ship upgrades and at least 1 each of forge/posiedon/colossus.

      each fight should have at least 1 objective and at least 1 condition. here are some of my ideas.

      objectives (type of battle/goals)

      capture the flag- players must capture and hold the majority of all ports and towns on a neutral island with an odd number of towns(any port/town engaged in active fighting does not count as captured) players will fight for 3 days and at the end ports/towns held will be counted. player with the most ports+towns captured wins. if a player or team captures all ports/towns at any time in the 3 day period(no active fights) they win automatically.

      assault- players must capture 6 towns+ports of the opponents alliance and hold them for 24 hours. the player/team may attack any member of the alliance. the players move lasts 24 hours (during this time only the alliance member/s who are attacked can retaliate). the alliance then has 24 hours to free their towns. all aliance members may retaliate during this time. at the end of 48 hrs all towns ports must be captured or engaged in active fighting(active fights count as captured in assault). colossus is allowed but may not be used in last 6 hrs of the fight period to ensure the alliance can not use it at the last minute for an easy win.

      the enemy of my enemy- 2 or more players compete during a joint attack against a neutral alliance. players will fight for 24 hours. player who does the most damage wins (offense + defense dmg will both count). the players must do at least 1 mil combined damage(depending on the amount of players) or all players lose.

      the art of war- 5 or more players compete for control of a neutral island. players may team up but 3 players is the maximum team size. players will fight for 7 days. players/teams can win by capture the flag scoring after 7 days or they can destroy all opposition to win. if equal towns/ports are held win goes to player/team with most dmg off+def combined * use of all deceptive tactics and play is permitted and encouraged :D all is fair in this one. (players can use propaganda, mobiles,agr's,spies,bribes,teams,pacts ect.)

      all these battles are for fun and to test/show off our skill, whatever tactics are used here please do not hold a grudge over them outside the event.

      small ball- players enter the fight with 10k gen score.
      heavy weight- players enter the fight with 30k gen score.
      all in-players enter the fight at maximum gen (no limit).
      no reserves-players enter the fight at 20k gen score and can not replace units that are lost.
      ship of fools- the fight area must be at least 12 hours travel time for all players.
      go big or go home- only crs with 200k damage or more count.
      the price is right-stolen goods count as damage.
      faith no more- no miracles permitted.
      struggle- players enter the fight with 5k gen score. no miracles permitted. no teams permitted.

      players will have to start a cr thread for the events or..... maybe the mods will cut us a break if we play nice and let us post all event crs in one thread???? 8o

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    • added objective

      war within a breath- ( using KolandoSRB's conditions) single combat 1 vs 1. 10 round fight only. players fight in a single town. no forge permitted. 4 waving towns per player. no ambro use permitted.

      i guess i will be the first to sign up for the event. :P

      also the winning players get 1 point and the losing players get 0, we can keep track of points in this thread. player with highest point total is king/queen but must continue to defend their title against those who wish to take it. if you cant fight to defend it the next highest player takes it over. if a player beats the king/queen they become champ

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