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  • Merge FAQ (for players)

    Dear players,

    in few days merge from community will take place. We are receiving some tickets asking for details about what will happen after the merge, so we copied here our old FAQs about this matter, hoping to help you.
    Feel free to write us via for any question you still have.
    Note: this post is just for people coming from Nothing will happen to our current players (other than... have new neighborhood in next days)

    Iran S1 (Alpha) can join ORG S1 (alpha) or S2 (beta)
    Iran S2 (beta) and S3 (gamma) can join ORG S16 (phi), S17 (rho) or S18 (sigma)

    Q: On which server will you put me?

    A: You may choose your target server out of a list we will provide for you. If you don’t want to choose, we will choose one randomly and inform you via email about your new server.

    Q: My player name already exists on the server I want to go to. May I choose that one anyway?

    A: Each name may exist only once on a server, so you cannot take your current player name with you. Either you will have to rename yourself or choose another server.

    Q: I don’t want to move at all. Is that possible?

    A: No that possibility does not exist. All start servers won’t exist after our merge.

    Q: I already do have an account on all target servers. What should I do?

    A: That’s really no problem. After the merge it will be allowed to have more than one account per server but each account will still need an own email address. You do have to connect those accounts via options and are forbidden to have contact between them.

    Q: My account is banned but I do want to play again after merge. What should I do?

    A: If you haven’t already chosen your target server you will be moved to a random server and we’ll sent an email telling you where you can find your account. Merge itself doesn’t change anything about your ban. After ban ended you can login and play again.

    Q: What will happen to my towns?

    A: All your towns will be moved to island spots as near as your current ones. Additionally you will receive one free town move for every town that you may use 18 days after the merge. You may use those moves if you don’t like your new islands.

    Q: I currently own towns on premium spots. What will happen to those?

    A: Unfortunately we cannot move them directly on premium spots in the new world. However you will receive one free move to a premium slot for each town that is on a premium slot before merge. You may use those to move your cities gratis to premium slots of your choice for 18 days after the merge.

    Q: What will happen to my mine levels? What happens with my donations?

    A: Unfortunately you will lose your previous mine levels. There will be other mine levels on your new server. But everything you have donated before the merge will be credited to a special donation fund that cannot get raided. For 18 days after the merge you may use that fund to donate into your new mines.

    Q: I did donate ambrosia to my mines. What will happen to that?

    A: The amount of building material you got then will be credited to your donation fund and you may use that to upgrade your new mines.

    Q: How should I spend all that building material you will credit to me? Mine levels take forever to finish!

    A: For 18 days after the merge upgrades of mines will take 12 hours 8 hours at the most.
    (edit: to 8 hours; last update from .org merge)

    Q: What will happen to my Helios towers?

    A: On your new server you will have the possibility to place those helios towers for free wherever you want them to be.

    Q: There is still lamp oil burning in my helios tower. What will happen to that?

    A: All lamp oil that is not used will be available again for free on the new server. Then you can light up those helios towers you want to.

    Q: What will happen to all my premium bonuses (resources, research and warehouse)?

    A: The remaining time will be available again on new server. Additionally we will prolong those features the time the merge itself takes.

    Q: What happens to all those resources and research points I didn’t spent on my current server?

    A: You will take them with you unchanged and may invest them wherever and whenever you like.

    Q: What will happen to units that don’t station in my own cities?

    A: All missions will be cancelled for the merge and all your units withdrawn to own towns. Nonetheless we do advise you to move all your units to your own cities previous to the merge and not to send out transports that will still be on their way when merge itself happens. Whenever cancelling things there is a risk of losses. But don’t worry. We will remind you of that shortly before actual merge will happen.

    Q: What will happen to buildings that are still upgrading?

    A: Upgrade of buildings will only be stopped during merge. As soon as you log in again on your target server everything will be as after emerging from vacation mode.

    Q: What happens to my account during merge?

    A: As soon as actual merge takes place all accounts on start server that will get moved will be out to vacation modus. Therefore production, need and costs will be stopped the whole time. You won’t be able to login to your account during transfer but as soon as everything arrived safely on target server you may login and play again. So no panic, there won’t be any attacks on new server while you are not there.

    Q: What will happen to my alliance?

    A: Alliance pages, alliance board and the ranks will be moved together with alliance leader to the server he choose. There members will have to apply and get accepted again.

    Q: All players of my alliance do want to move together to the same server. Is that possible?

    A: There is no automatism for that. We do display the remaining spots for each server. If you talk to each other and choose the same one with enough slots it should be possible.

    Q: What will happen to all those treaties I do have currently?

    A: All treaties will be cancelled for merge. All diplomacy points you used for them will be available again immediately on target server.

    Q: What will happen to my friends? Will I keep the bonuses I get from having them?

    A: All friends that move to the same server will be inserted to your friend list again. If you did invite one of those you will keep the trading ships you got.

    Q: If I lose all my cultural treaties all my citizens will run away, won’t they?

    A: We do have to cancel all your cultural treaties and you will have to look for new ones on your new server yourself. But to ease things we will grant you 1000 satisfaction for each of your towns for 18 days after the merge.

    Q: Will there be changes to world map/combat system/buildings included in version?

    A: In the version for server merge we won’t include big changes. Later versions will definitely contain new features.

    Q: If I don’t like my new server may I just move again?

    A: That won’t be possible with first wave of server merges. But it’s not excluded that this option will be available in a later version.

    Q: What will happen to those cities and ports I occupy? What will happen to my cities that are currently occupied?

    A: All occupations will be cancelled no matter if all those involved will move to the same server or not.

    Q: What will happen to messages, reports and messages in town advisor?

    A: All saved messages and espionage reports will be moved with you to your target server. Messages from players that don’t move to the same server won’t contain any links anymore. Messages and reports you didn’t save and the messages in city advisor will be deleted.

    Your Ikariam Team

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