A detailed list of the following...

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  • A detailed list of the following...

    Either words that can or words that cannot be used on the boards.
    the exact reason why these two smileys are allowed on the boards :cursing: :censored:
    an exact explanation of what inappropriate language is

    I was going to continue but I suppose this would be just a grand start.

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  • There is no list that we filter all the words through, except for the profanity filter on board that does it automatically. Those words are a definite no-no. We guide ourselves by common sense and the rules at hand.

    Our board is PG, meaning all content needs to be appropriate for users of all ages. Overall, if you think that something you want to post might infringe on the rules, either leave it out or check with a mod beforehand. As the saying goes, when in doubt, leave it out.

    As for the smilies, they are there for the same reason as any other smiley - to express emotion.

    Just as a final note here, if you ever think a mod was too harsh, we have the ticket system. Send a ticket, it will be reviewed.

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  • So, to clarify (other than how clearly the board is PG-13 according to the T&C and obviously all of the staff is confused on that) their are no other words that should be censored that are not already censored (within reason) as the board should do that job.

    The board is PG-13 (T&C) like the game (T&C)

    you failed to mention what exactly inappropriate content is, so it's just some judgment call based on nothing.. I'll add that up with common sense so, the obvious no-no subjects within PG-13 ( T&C)

    Those smileys are there to express the emotions that they state therefore we look at the subjects in which they state, cursing and censorahip... interesting

    and I'm interested as to why you'd make that final note, I'm not discussing any of my questions here on the board, that would be against the rules and I would be the one to get 8 trouble for it. Now, of course, if you're interested in messaging me about those feel free at any time or anything within this thread for that matter. It's not like the ICC is a place where users go to get answers to questions and mods, go's etc are supposed to be there.

    Anyways, I'd like to ask that you keep on subject in this thread, it's a board discussion based thread and therefore, should be treated as such, regardless of your thoughts.

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  • Our board is PG, please look at the first board rule. The US board has the 13-clause but in here it is and will be PG. We do not have the check boxes they do either. EU does not have the same laws as US does, thus the clause is not needed.

    Inappropriate language is what it is, language that is inappropriate for the board, no real other way to explain it. Consists of profanity, innuendos, Vulgarities and so on. Again, when in doubt leave it out.

    I mentioned the final point because no such post is made without having been influences by it in some way, so was trying to offer help. If it is not wanted then ignore it.


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  • Clarification of the rules is typically a public thing, not a private one. I'm sure the rest of my issues will soon be getting to as well, but, since we're stuck on technicalities, I will point out 2.3
    Minors are only permitted to use the Gameforge Services if the relevant legal guardian has consented and if the user has attained the minimum age indicated in the relevant age rating.

    in other words, although you may not have the same check box as .com, minors (the reason the check box is not here is because the UK has so many ages that defineswhat a minor is) still require guardian permission iin order to play the game and use its other services.. anyways, that's besides the fact and I'm not willing to argue or explain the difference between PG and PG 13 (although I must say, if you've seen this game, you'd know it was PG-13 simply based on how the rating system that works with games) but, regardless, I suppose the areas I wanted to be explained were explained to your fullest ability, feel free to close the thread.

    I must say, I did just notice the lack of mention of the IRC thing, just figured I forgot to say anything about it in my previous post but low and behold, I did.. oh well, what are expectations anyways?


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  • My bad, missed it. GOs and mods are in IRC quite often. Rarely a time where you are able to find nobody from staff. Might happen the go or mod you want is currently not there, but most of the time somebody is. We are voulenteers and cannot all be in IRC 24/7.

    I try to be accessible as much as I can, as I hope is evidenced by me replying here in the middle of the workday. Not everyone can do that, but if you contact somebody and they are not on vacation, you will get a reply fairly fast.


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  • Ah, glad you decided not to close the thread, now I can continue.

    so, as it was stated, the smileys are used to show emotion, HOWEVER if by any means they can be confused with or by any and all words that are against the board rules, they can be given as a warning.. so, I guess any possible confusion on the matter would then mean that those smileys should be avoided at all costs as they can at any time be confused with a "bad word" regardless if other words would fit in in their place.. now, although that's confusing, I would then question why the boards would have such warn-baits if their only purpose is for free and jolly warnings. Feel free to reply to that, Hopla

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  • Just saying, but the cat in the hat which is a pg, has doesnt mention directly but leads you too censored and refers to censored

    Edit: inappropriate language removed - Atina
    Please remember that all content posted on the boards must be appropriate for all ages.

  • Moderation is the key. No smiley alone will make something slow, but if they are excess then they will cause some lag. As long as they are used in a normal way they are completely fine and thus they are there.

    Oh, hello there, I see you are reading what is written here. Do have a jolly good time doing so.

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  • ESRB and PEGI

    I got question about ESRB and PEGI as is in Subject.

    Where we can see how is rated Ikariam Game and Board?
    I turned all pages, here, in game, all T&C, Legal etc but never find PG rating. I did find that since Ikariam game is still "beta" can't be rated by PEGI or ESRB or any age verification organization/company.

    I also saw several time that someone is warned on forum on PG basis... but how is that possible if there is no published rating?

    last example:

    This post isn't to argue with anyone, just to be informed... can someone point me to section where is officially declared PEGI/ESRB rating?

    Thank you in advance!

    EDIT- Moved to this thread as there has been a discussion about the rating of the forum - Hera

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  • I think perhaps vukasins signature is above PG, no child should have to look at the goblin on the left, it's quite scary, even when you know it's at a 1:1 scale.

    On a serious note pg is at the discretion of a parent or guardian so really it's objective.