SnM-EDMW Discussion thread.

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    • I never thought we were done, General... and having your silly persistence in mind, we never will be, lol

      I'm not in the habit of underestimating my opponent. On the contrary, I always think my opponent is possibly much stronger than they appear to be. The problem is that with each passing day your so called reputation is sinking to a new low. The way you went about solving the 'piracy problem', as that is why we've been having these skirmishes, is all wrong, but that's just my opinion.

      And let me explain why it is wrong (and something tells me it's going to be a long post.... I apologize in advance)
      1. EDMW is not a pirating alliance - you are builders and collectors of capture points, you don't raid

      2. if you don't raid and build your crew strength, you can't complain if your points get stolen - raiders invest time, gold and resources into sending out mobiles, and they take their chances when raiding other pirates... sometimes they win, sometimes they don't, sometimes their points get stolen... but that's how the game is played

      3. last round there were 2 EDMW players who placed - just chill and rosie.... they regularly get placed, just chill every round, rosie usually, they both have a ton of feeders, rosie especially, just chill actually does some raiding... neither of them is involved in our little skirmishes, but they surely reap the profits .... do you, General? or anyone else in your alliance?

      4. right at the beginning, more than half a year ago now, you couldn't solve the 'piracy problem' by pirating us back, so you decided to use military - two different sides of the game, but ok... it was your choice... our 'war' started after you had bullied and attacked luter for months, very unsuccessfully i might add, and we finally decided to fight back as an alliance. SnM fighting back was taken as an attack on your alliance so you activated your MPP with MRVL even though there was no protection pact to be activated as EDMW were the ones who started attacking us, and not vice versa.

      5. at that time we actually had a piracy agreement with MRVL for a round or two in place, but you forced them, more or less, to help EDMW, which in turn rendered their agreement with SnM nul and void, and now they are being raided by us just like any other alliance on sigma server.... in other words, you didn't do them any favours, quite the opposite ... to sum up, you got military help to crush an alliance 20% the size of your own alliance at that time, now it's 10% and you're still relying on that help - that's embarrassing enough all on its own

      5. at the same time you managed to get help from uMAD in piracy.... i.e. the queen of ambro was in charge of raiding SnM, still is ... as there had been very strong ties between uMAD and just chill even before you openly involved Simba and a zillion of her feeders/multis, especially before uzumaki got banned, there were no surprises for us there

      6. with all the help you get, from MRVL, uMAD and their multis, against an alliance of now 8 (eight) players, you still can't produce CRs worth mentioning.... and this situation has been going on for months. The only HoF against SnM was won by Simba, i.e. uMAD and not EDMW, a long long time ago when she attacked and sunk most of my fleet (my bad, forgot to send tenders away... it happens). It was quite funny seeing you congratulate her on the winning CR.... she did you a favour, a big one.... since then, you've had some small wins, we've had several HoFs and also some smaller wins... and skirmishes continue...

      7. EDMW fighting SnM and being helped on every single front, in military and in piracy, has done your alliance more bad than good. It has shown the entire server that you are unable to survive alone, that 90% of your alliance are not interested in fighting, i.e. that EDMW is basically a builder alliance, that you have lost all the good fighters you once had (they are either in vmode or not interested in fighting your battles), that your strategy is not really working, that EDMW are vulnerable in places they thought were safe... is there any point in me going on? In short, no matter what you do, even if, by some sheer luck/miracle, you manage to block all our ports and occ all our towns, you have already lost so much that no win could ever restore the good reputation you possibly once had.

      8. SnM may not be the best liked alliance on the server, but there are a few things about us that every player on this server has to admit - we fight our own battles, we stand on our own two feet, we are not afraid and we do not tolerate being bullied. We are both fighters and pirates, and we are good at both. There are not many of us and we don't have many friends, but those friends we do have, we cherish. We don't let them down, we don't make them accept deals that are unfavorable for them or that would put them in any kind of jeopardy. ... so yes, there's a huge difference between EDMW and SnM.

      I'm not going to continue as this post might end up as being the longest in the history of posts on ikariam in general. But, General, please, take a step back and think about what you're doing and if it's worth it.

    • Just a quick update on the EDMW - SnM situation...

      Today General lost a few ships and some troops, which she was apparently saving to attack me. I don't usually go around and attack people but from time to time even I decide to abandon my comfort zone and go an attack EDMW, and since General decided to locate her mobile relatively near my and Alix's towns... well, not much travelling, so why not pay her a return visit, right?

      As I could land on the island only if I blocked and occupied a town, I chose a town with the highest TH... most APs, right? The town belongs to PRO alliance, so when General came online, she immediately started complaining to PRO (talk about whining, lol)
      How do I know that she whined? Well, PRO leader contacted me and asked for an explanation. And I gave it to her - I needed access to the island with most APs, any fighter would do the same... well, actually not sure about that, but I definitely don't want to be forced to occ half the towns on the island because I land in a town with 2-3 APs. I try to occ as few towns as possible and cause as little damage as possible to the players whose towns I'm using. And I offer compensation for it.... something that General never does.

      Now, General didn't only whine about being attacked and pillaged (apparently it was PRO's fault and not her own ?( ), she also decided to teach the PRO member a lesson and sent a pillaging party to his town, so that the player understands once and for all that he should never ever mess with the great general of EDMW! (and I know that because at the time I had the town still occ'ed.... troops and ships travelling, couldn't lift occupation)

      I'd say the honorable General is now threatening PRO, the same way she threatened BIRDS not long ago, with military action unless all PRO members do as she says.... Ever read a definition of a tyrant, General? Look it up!..... (darn, forgot she never does what she's told.... erm... reverse psychology? might work, lol) .... or even better: Don't you dare look it up!!!!!.... (well, she'll have to do one of the two :P)

      Who do you think you are, Shug?! God Almighty?!?
      Who gives you the right to bully everyone on the server?!!!

      Who gives you the right to assume that if I land in a town, the owner is automatically guilty of helping SnM?!!!
      Are you now going to accuse PRO of helping us?!?
      We might land in a few other of their towns, or in some other alliance towns. Are you going to threaten them too?
      Until you've threatened every alliance on the server?

      (hmmm.....actually, not such a bad idea... I should try and land in towns of every single alliance on this server and attack from their towns... and wait for General's reaction,lol

      You are not safe, General! Your towns are not safe! Your troops and ships are not safe! Your resources are not safe!
      I understand that mine are not safe, but you think you're an exception, that things like being attacked and pillaged don't apply to you for some reason! ?(
      The fact that you are still delusional about being General of No.1. alliance on the server does NOT mean nobody can touch you!


      And yes, Varnus, I'm prerfectly aware that it is all BS to you, but it's also the truth!

    • can you say DELUSIONAL?

      My God Landian, you started out your messages to us (EDMW) with all sorts of conspiracies and delusions and here you are still at it. I'll never get over you demanding an acknowledgment of EDMW and Roscoe Coldchain's friendliness when anyone that knows anything knows Roscoe and EDMW were long, long, long time enemies. But not in your delusional mind.. noooooo... you insisted over and over and over that EDMW and Roscoe's alliance were friendlies. omg . Roscoe WAS OUR ENEMY GET IT NOW??? ENEMY. Told you over and over that EDMW and Rosco were enemies and yet you kept insisting we weren't . Who would know who our enemy is?? You or us?

      You keep bringing up the "BIRDS" situation but what you didn't tell everyone is that the BIRD that was messaged is you - Tara of Birds is you. You, as Tara, told your members in SnM what EDMW had for military. Sheeze. Talk about only telling part of the story.

      Now, there is "more to the story" about you using Parluman's of PRO's town but unlike you we don't have to go screaming to the board about every little bumped toe. omg talk about a drama queen.

      You just need all kinds of attention, don't you.

      Whine whine whine 1st post you made was whining and you are still whining.

      You know, Avenger keeps saying we don't show you. specifically, any respect. How can you respect someone who whines about her real life as if no one else has a real life, who whines about problems with her acct as if no one ever has problems with their accts, who makes excuses every times she loses a battle, who complains about ingame messages that EDMW makes, who acts like Tanya Harding, who sees conspiracies all around, who puts a coincidence together in her mind then states it as a fact over and over and over. Do not state things as facts that you only THINK may be true. Like the Rosco business - you THOUGHT in your delusional mind that it had to be, so to you it was a FACT. The FACT IS, Rosco and EDMW fought many a war - we were enemies.

      Now, don't worry about EDMW or MRVL = worry only about your alliance such as it is. I don't have to restate how you lost more than half of your members. It was only you that drove them out. EDMW and MRVL are stronger than ever.
    • to whine: To complain or protest in a childish or annoying fashion

      I don't complain or protest, that's what you do. You complained and protested first to BIRDS, and now to PRO.... how dare SnM use their towns to attack EDMW? There must be conspiracy behind it, BIRDS and PRO are working behind EDMW's back!!!! :thumbdown:
      Grow up, Shug! You don't ask for permission to use someone's town as a spring board for launching attacks on us, and we should? I got some of your troops, fleet and resources today, so? What's changed? You don't feel so safe on that island any more? You thought you were protected from me there? That's your newest town, not really built, you can relocate it to a safer place if you want to at virtually no cost.

      Since we are digging up the past...
      How about the time when you used tonius' town to attack me (btw, tonius is in BIRDS). And tanoo's town as well (SSM alliance). Would you please ask tonius and BIRDS, and tanoo and SSM if I ever attacked and pillaged them? The way you attacked a PRO member today? I understand that you wanted to see if I still had some troops in that town, that's why you sent a probe. But when you saw there were no troops, you sent a pillaging party. If you want to keep actions like that unseen, wait till the town is liberated. That's simple. You don't go around accusing people and alliances of conspiracies against you! Sheez!

      And yes, we know Tara of BIRDS. She has towns near us, we have helped her with some resources, advice on how to grow her account, and she seems to be doing quite well... She's a new player, a very young player, nowhere near our age, and hopefully nowhere near the sordidness that seems to prevail on this server. We are not using her towns any more. We used it once, or Dark Side did, and he sent her resources as compensation. EDMW attacked her as well, several times (we could see her ports blocked) and immediately threatened BIRDS with military action if SnM ever dared use her ports again. Did you send her resources as compensation? A word of apology? Anything? We did.
      Did you send the PRO member anything? A simple 'sorry'? I sent him an apology and some resources to compensate for what you pillaged from him. It's not his fault that you jump to conclusions.

      Problems with my account..... well, you can ask iotsak or Antikythera about them, anyone who handles tickets, bugs...You can ask how many tickets I filed in just past month and half, at least a dozen. When you start losing over 40k gold/per hour for days (that's app 1 mil gold a day) on top of your regular spending for absolutely no reason, yes, you complain. I think anyone would complain if they started losing that much gold for as long as I've been losing it. Some days over 40k/hour, some days less, i even managed to have some days when my gold income was normal, not many though. When the problem was at its worst and I was really losing over 1 mil a day for days, even though I should have been earning gold, I asked you to delay attacks on me for about 6 hours, just to see if at reset at midnight or at 5-6 am game time things would right themselves. I explained what was going on, I asked you as a player, not an enemy... of course you didn't listen, why would you? You thought I was making things up, trying to get you not to attack me. I don't mind being attacked, lol.... you're attacking me right this minute, sheez!

      Btw, I don't care about Rosco, don't even remember the story about him, it's water under the bridge. It can't have been anything important, not for me at least. And besides, he's not really playing on this server any more.

      I'm not seeking attention, Shug. For all I care, everybody here can erase any memory they have of me. But I do want everybody to remember you.
      My only aim is to expose you for what you really are.... a bully and a whiner!

      And your aim is to convince the server I'm public enemy No 1, a 'lying, delusional drug abuser' (if I remember correctly that's what you called me, or something very very similar) with completely illogical thinking and something else (now i wish i had read your posts more carefully, lol), who crows and whines and yaps and barfs and... oh, there must have been quite a few more sounds that I was supposed to produce, lol
      Well, I leave all those lies and delusions and drugs and sounds and smells to you. You can keep them, you seem to have developed a special affinity to them. I don't. None of them.

      And that's about it from me.... until you make another mistake like you did today, or something similar. Then I will write again of the 'good deeds' that you do :)

    • Right there, in black and white, for prosperity, all who know you are Tara and Ikadude for that matter, can see you just lied on the board.

      That's the difference between SnM and EDMW.

      And... the Rosco business was just an example of how you get something in your mind that is not true and you insist it is. That's only one example of many. So sure, just say oh that's in the past. The point is you are still doing the same thing over and over- getting something in your mind and insisting it is a "fact" when it isn't.

      Hence the liar and delusional adverbs attached to your many names.
    • landian wrote:

      And yes, Varnus, I'm prerfectly aware that it is all BS to you, but it's also the truth!

      i just hated you guys using the bane tag but not working smart like real bane soldiers, but now that is all settled i wont have much to say anymore =). anyways i am but a mere soldier so it is no bother to me who is right or wrong or what is truth or lies, i am just pleased that it is all going on here and that the cr threads are growing, so,,, thank you.

      P.S. all i can say about Rosco is,,, i hope you come back soon man, the fighters of sigma miss you :thumbup:

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Varnus Maximus ().

    • Piracy - to have or not to have deals?

      It's not somebody's mistake that i want to discuss now, it's something more in general - i.e. piracy.

      Skirmishes between EDMW and SnM started because of piracy..... the story of ambro queen, uzu and just chill raiding us at last second, SnM raiding EDMW as well as any other alliance, etc.... so to cut a long story short....

      I don't know how many 'deals' regarding piracy are in place on this server. SnM has no deal with any alliance, and I'll tell you why.
      1. if you want the spoils, i.e. to place on final day and receive resources, you need to be active in piracy - raid, build crew, etc.... it requires time, gold, some resources... nothing much actually.... but you do need to have 1 mobile available (i think more or less all players have at least 1 mobile available, or you can demolish 4 towns to get mobiles, the way ambro queen did about a year ago). It all depends on how active you want to be in piracy.
      2. having feeders is always a good thing, but then you can't really get upset if they get raided by somebody else - they are feeders, clickers, not actively involved in piracy
      3 deals - deals are, imo, piracy killers. Why? Well, let's take a look at beta server - deals everywhere, literally. Deals with at least a dozen alliances active in piracy.
      Let's say you belong to a relatively big and relatively active alliance, where majority of members do piracy up to a point. Every day at 18:00 most members get a list of up to 9 potential targets. When you combine all the lists of all members, you can probably see most, if not all, of top 50-60-...100 pirates that day, those with most points. And when you look at that long list of potential targets, you will most probably see that there's nobody on the list you can actually hit. So, it all comes down to how persistent you are in clicking, i.e. how much time you have to spend in front of your computer, and how many feeders you have.... Theoretically, you can have crew of 30 (one lvl 15 cove, that's all) and place relatively high on last day - one lvl 15 cove, no feeders, and you place ... Sounds great, right? :)
      So how can you do that? First of all, there's little chance anybody will hit you (loads of deals, remember?.... although, there are way around it, if you want to bother with it). Second, you can easily make about 15-20k points a day by clicking... 21 days, that's easily 300k+ .... enough for placement.... just about.... as you will definitely need over 250k to get in as no 50.
      Here on sigma, a player having about 40k points can get placed, without much trouble. ... 300k vs. 40k.... now those 300k do not sound so great, do they?

      SnM have always regarded piracy as a separate game from the original ikariam. And from the very start, we have been against any deals in piracy.
      Now, back to the topic of this thread....
      EDMW have a different approach. To them, raiding points is like raiding resources... even though great majority of their clickers would never get 1 stick of resources from placing in piracy, as they would never place. ... which also means, if we raid their clickers in piracy, we haven't taken anything away from them.... the clickers will not place anyway, so no resources stolen ... or is that my illogical thinking? .... ok, i admit, it's a bit of a stretch, but you see my point... hopefully, lol

      Pirates need to be pirates, clickers are by definition feeders. Some of them, by sheer luck and depending on how active real pirates are, can get placed. But counting on placing and not having any crew to defend your points is ... well, ridiculous. If your points get stolen, that's just it... next time, you'll know better - you need to have bigger crew.
      Even if your points get stolen an hour or more before final update, but you have respectable crew, you can still try and place. For any pirate, a couple of hours is enough to raid enough points to get placed (and if you want to be terribly fair to all, you raid those who you see will not place anyway).

      Any thoughts? Anyone who agrees or disagrees with me?

    • In "real life" when someone makes a statement/argument and no one responds, it means they don't agree with you but are too polite to engage in the discussion.

      sigh that's referring to the above diatribe. landian writes me two messages and has me on the "ignore" list ingame so i can't respond back - you see i'm not in a social setting (ingame) where i have to follow etiquette rules about not responding if you don't agree. She knows I will disagree so she can't handle it and puts me on the "ignore" list.

      This is one strange dude.

      Of course the messages are about her being mad about being pirated raided. It's my fault you see. Telling her I had nothing to do with it and she won't believe it. I love having more power than I really do.

      How anyone can live /make a world in which you have so many enemies you must conclude they are all conspiring against you is a world I surely wouldn't want to live in. Why would anyone make that world for themselves? I don't know but there it is.

      Her second "issue" she ingame berated me for, (sigh..if i have to hear it, you do too lol) is a 40 total score player that she insists should have the EDMW tag. Is that like ArielS that should have the SnM tag? Or didact who should have the SnM tag? Or her and their many multis that are filling their islands in the sexydude area? I don't know since her message is the first I heard this 40 point player's name. Of course no one will ever convince her of that since we are all liars who conspire against her every minute or every day.

      Bottom line. I'm sure glad i don't live in her world!
    • My darling General,

      I'm not mad, i have nothing to be mad about. Ambro queen has a habit of raiding at the end of cycle, so we are used to it. As I told you, you and ambro queen are made of the same stuff - you both have to prove that there's nobody better on this server.
      Ambro queen has enough points to get placed as no 1 for the zillionth time, but she needs to teach SnM a lesson. You write a message to me from one account and send a port block from another... so you need to prove there's no messing around with you. Tough luck, lol

      I have you both on ignore list because there's nothing I want to discuss with you. Not that I don't want to talk to either of you per se, it's just that there's nothing to talk about.
      Ambro queen is ambro queen and always will be, a person not to be trusted under any circumstances, so we (SnM) don't trust her... and I'd say anyone who does trust her is a fool, but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion.
      You were offered 8 hours grace period in piracy, you declined it and then you threatened/promised to have my towns/ports blocked. And? Am I supposed to get upset over it? I would be surprised if you didn't act the way you do. Quite childish, but then I should expect that from you. I already had to explain some things to you as if to a 3-year old and you still didn't understand, so... what are we talking about here? lol

      I'm not upset, General, I have no reason to be. I just seem to fail every time i try to make it clear to you. For some reason, you refuse to accept my point of view. It seems illogical to you. On the other hand, you ordering your members to send troops and ships to our area, members who couldn't care less what happens - such as Eddie and Lorca and moonfolk and syailendra and a bunch of others, now that makes a lot of sense ?( They get heavily beaten, lose any respect as fighters, and you still claim you're better than SnM? Better fighters? Not in a million years, but you'll beg to differ, I'm sure.

      You ask me to act as a grown up and then threaten me (I'm sorry, you said it was a 'promise') with blocking my towns and ports when I don't accept whatever conditions you have in mind? Delete my contact from skype? I guess that is considered a grown-up behaviour, ergo mine is childish. Ok, I don't mind being called childish, lol... you just continue living in your version of 'grown-up' world, I'll continue living in mine. :)
      And yes, I'm glad too that you don't live in my world - wow! there's one thing we have in common after all! ;)

    • You were mad that Simba pirated you. Do I have your permission to copy and paste that ingame message here so others can read it and see if they conclude you were mad?

      Why do you go on and on and on and on about Simba? It's BORING. I don't care about your walls vs her walls etc etc etc - a whole paragraph of details about her you wrote to me. I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT SIMBA DOES OR DOES NOT DO - she is not EDMW. All I care about is EDMW.

      Get over Simba. Move ON. Simba and your disagreements are old news. Let it go. My God, talk about holding grudges.

      Yes, you offered an 8 hour pirate truce which we rejected. You wanted us to stop all attacks and in return we would get an 8 hour truce. Eight hours is nothing. You must like having enemies - that's what your behavior tells everyone. And so the attacks will continue. Forever if need be.

      You have destroyed Bane SnM. You have lost original SnM members. You are on a self destructive path. So be it. Don't cry to me, Simba, the board, the help section, anyone about it. It's your own doing. I'm am so tired of hearing you whine.
    • No, YOU asked for truce, remember? :) Twice.
      You offered to stop attacking us and asked what we would give you in return. I said 8 hour grace period, which is way more than anyone on this server has, and you said no. Want me to copy paste our convo from skype? Let's stick to the truth, General.

      As for you not having deals with ambro queen.... that's not going to fly. You are constantly using uMAD towns to attack us from, as well as Lotus towns, so ... let's be honest, shall we?

      Once again, Shug.... I'm not mad at being raided by your dear friend. It's a game, fgs! I raid and I get raided, there's no mystery in it.
      But it is kinda mysterious that ambro queen decided to raid SnM after being quiet for some time, and that it all happened right after we declined your offer for truce and you threatened me/SnM with blocking our ports and towns. Coincidence? Maybe... and maybe not.
      I know how much you can whine and threaten anybody you suspect of helping SnM.... remember BIRDS? and PRO? and the latest, I think, was 10KBC, wasn't it? The list of your threats is becoming longer and longer, General ;)

    • I don't whine Landian. No one is EDMW whines. period.

      yes, we have lost battles but we never ever say it's because blah blah blah. That's you - every time you lose you have some excuse. Gold dropping LOL, people know when you are offline LOL, anyone can read your posts and see that from before this skirmish started you were whining.

      You are so much about "honesty" and yet you lie over and over and over right here on the board for all to see.

      I do talk with Birds, Pro, 10KBC, Lotus, MRVL, Trade, Umad, -THT-, sometimes SRB, etc in fact I'll talk with whoever I need or want to. And I'll say whatever I want to to them. So? You come to the board and insist I'm threatening other alliances = who cares except you? No one cares. You think you are doing something by stating it on the board. You are doing nothing but making a fool out of yourself. It's not any of your business who I or EDMW talks with.

      I asked if you were ready to talk. You gave me your skype name. We both knew what we were talking about. When you are ready to have the attacks stopped, then you know what we want. That's not ASKING you for a truce. That is negotiating. And yes, when the talks went south i took you off my skype contact list telling you to contact me when you are ready to talk again.

      What is childish about that? Why would I keep you as a skype contact when you won't negotiate? Please look up the art of negotiations. You know nothing about negotiations.

      Now, Landian will just have to post. She has to have the last word.. :D
    • Varnus expressed a fervent wish to discuss military failures.... maybe he could give his opinion on this one?
      General was online, btw, she was not caught sleeping.

      Battle for MTR 5941 P
      Battle for MTR 5941 P
      (25.03.2016 17:05:46)
      Shug[EDMW] from Wine
      Landian[SnM] from MTR 5941 P

      ............................................. - Slinger.................................1(-1)
      ............................................. - Spearman................................1(-0)
      ............................................. - Gyrocopter.............................60(-0)
      Balloon-Bombardier.....................0(-30) - Balloon-Bombardier.....................45(-0)
      Cook...................................30(-0) - Cook....................................8(-0)
      ............................................. - Wall....................................7(-0)
      Hoplite................................1(-49) - .............................................
      Catapult...............................0(-36) - .............................................
      Doctor.................................40(-0) - .............................................
      Mortar.................................0(-24) - .............................................
      Generals..............................-1389.8 - Generals.................................-0.4
      Offensive points............................1 - Defence points.........................3474.5
      Damage Received.........................69490 - Damage Received............................20
      Damage Percent............................99% - Damage Percent.............................1%

      Winners: Landian[SnM]

      Losers: Shug[EDMW]

      115 units from Landian[SnM] are protecting the town of MTR 5941 P.

      Landian[SnM]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 16:20:46)

      Shug[EDMW]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 16:20:46)

      Landian[SnM]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 16:35:46)

      Shug[EDMW]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 16:35:46)

      Shug[EDMW]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 16:36:08)

      Landian[SnM]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 16:50:46)

      Landian[SnM]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 17:05:46)

      Shug[EDMW]'s miracle 'Hephaistos` Forge' has been activated. (25.03.2016 17:05:46)

      As Shug[EDMW] did not have any units left to hold on to the main battle line, the rest of the army has withdrawn.

      Shug[EDMW]'s army has been called back and have left the battlefield.

      Shug[EDMW]'s army has been completely destroyed.

    • i may not really be qualified to yap about land battles, but it looks like you bombed the crap out of the back line preventing the wall from falling, due to lack of gyros and poor wave timing? idk, thats just what it looks like to me. you called me out to look at shugs flaws in a single battle? imo i would not be doing her or my crew any favors by sugar coating the assesment, it was what it was. now moving on to the meat of this,,,did you figure to rattle shug by posting that for discussion? figured maybe i would not voice an opinion on it because shug would not dare allow it? well,,,, i feel perfectly free to speak up =D. shug is not the dictator you seem to think, she has never claimed to be perfect, she does not like to take a loss any more than anyone else does, she allows us to all play as we like, do as we like,say what we want, supports us all with a positive attitude even if we get a good beating in the process, that is all really no bother to her because from what i have seen she does not allow herself to think that way. we have alot of fun here and this crew knows what support really means, shug has far out done you in this respect and that #1 alliance ranking has nothing to do with that. i do not wish to see again your claims of 100 vs 6, speak it like it is from now on. everyone can see the names on the crs who is out fighting and who is just fodder, please dont confuse the two. btw thanks for moving the bs back here =)
    • I did not ask what your general allows EDMW members to do or not to do....
      It is quite apparent that she allows a lot of things... that's why you end up being fodder at the end of most battles... but she's ok with it, i get it. You all have a good laugh, say 'it doesn't matter, we'll do better next time... let them think they've won', etc.etc.....pep talk... I understand that.

      What I asked you to do is to comment on the CR above, but then you say you're not qualified to say anything about battles... so that's the end of that discussion :)

    • you must have had me confused with someone who cared what you asked, sorry =(,,i said what i wanted to say as usual. i said that i may not be qualified because i have not been a land fighter for a few years now, but i DID comment on the battle with a brutal honest opinion too, you only see what you want or are your eyes full of gunk? maybe just did not like the dose of truth that came with the battle comments? then you spout off a bunch of imagined quotes about what you think we say after a loss, pretty typical for you ,,, ignore whatever you dont like or agree with and focus only on your perceived positive deeds or just plain make up what you think goes on or what you want to be going on. i am not impressed.

      this is the right place for a word war so its all good to call you out yeah? you can ignore it all you like but it will be exposed, maybe i start with the battles from yesterday, seeing as i had the guts to dole out an honest answer for you about shugs fight then maybe you can explain your poor attempt at downing jrav? every advantage in that series of fights was snm's but you could only manage to move him out,,, why? real fighters would not lose on damage just to send him packing back across the map they would trap him and sent him to his maker, no offense to jrav but none of his boats would have left that zone if a real team had moved in to attack, here is my proof,,, just go ask another real fighter (not one of your crew, unless luter cares to comment on it, i dont feel luter would sugar coat his answer to please you either) their opinion,,,=P
      no way in heck a real fighter team in that spot end up with a bunch of crap like you guys did. your tactical imagination is STILL sorely lacking, and your execution, well,,,,just post the cr's (if you have not already) up so we can all have a look yeah? now lets go back in time and talk about the choice to fight edmw in the first place while we are at it shall we? you chose this crew because they appeared to be the path of least resistance, is that not true? lets investigate,,, umad was nominated, srb was nominated, mrvl was kicked around as a choice, but the choice was edmw in the end. then you had piracy issues so that made a good reason to go for it, brom told you it was not right, vent told you it was not right, i told you it was not right, but that was what you decided (or avenger w/e). we were talking as fighters thats probably why you didnt get it lol., there was no gain in fighting edmw. umad,srb were much better options if you want to be a "bane type" alliance which you claimed you did at that time, but you chose your "easy meat" and that is why you you were never good enough to actually be a bane. bane was not just a tag to some few folks like me and vent, (though vent you have dropped off too, you would not have accepted or done these type things on alpha or omikron.) i am disappointed most of all about that in this whole situation. so landian, as you seem to think we are just fodder now, and clearly thought us easy meat back then, explain to me your gain by this choice to fight edmw or how any of your successes even matter if you are fighting an inferior crew in the first place as you say edmw is? dont go getting shy now that the spotlight lies on you, =)

      i will bail you out with my answer,,, your successes against edmw DO count imo at least =) because whether you believe it or not, i can say there are more potential bane type fighters learning here in edmw than snm has members ( i know this for sure because you are not really teaching anybody anything over there are you?) along with a lot of really great fun folks who dont want to fight as much but are always willing to help out anyway they can. edmw is not a bane either but there are plenty of players who do like that style, are learning and they will get all the support they need to do it when the time comes to fight.

      as a player who appreciates the battle movements as much as the battles, i will give you credit for mostly using your hit and run tactics decently, you must also admit the fact that you have been driven to this strategy by edmws constant pressure and their ability to swarm you out of any place on the map. you are using tactics designed for an opponent who is in a weak position and lacking the manpower and resources for a sustained assault. and contrary to your illusion, edmw is not losing these "skirmishes" by any means, the only one who dont seem to know that is you.

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    • Landian you waste more time making excuses on the board than anything else.

      you want to post and "call us out"? That only makes you look bad. I have hinted over and over that the more you speak/write the worst you look.

      Battle for Zig
      Battle for Zig
      (26.03.2016 15:23:18)
      Dark Side[SnM] from tret
      Shug[EDMW] from

      Sulphur Carabineer.....................84(-0) - .............................................
      Swordsman............................1000(-0) - .............................................
      Hoplite..............................986(-14) - .............................................
      Gyrocopter............................100(-0) - .............................................
      ............................................. - Wall....................................7(-0)
      Generals................................-19.6 - Generals....................................0
      Offensive points............................0 - Defence points.............................49
      Damage Received...........................980 - Damage Received.............................0
      Damage Percent...........................100% - Damage Percent.............................0%

      Winners: Shug[EDMW]

      Losers: Dark Side[SnM]

      As Dark Side[SnM] did not have any units left to hold on to the main battle line, the rest of the army has withdrawn.

      Dark Side[SnM]'s army has been called back and have left the battlefield.

      How many "errors" has SnM made? Enough. But we aren't so immature we have to crow about them lolol.
    • gmmk wrote:

      How many "errors" has SnM made? Enough. But we aren't so immature we have to crow about them lolol.
      ok so guess i'll be dragged back in the discussion. alright about the CR
      i was going offline. so i had to move out my army from that area. landi asked me to fast check the town before going so i sent the fastest units first to check if there are any units. there were none so i called back you forgot to mention here there were 2 more waves coming just behind.
      please act mature as adults players here.
      varnus truthfully i didn't read all the message. too long and i am too busy fighting everywhere.
      but what i read. thing is ikariam is not rocket science. every normal guy who player seriously for a year know all those things you say about tactics. i know it, you know it, landi know it. its nothing to brag about. but this server is not about tactics. they don't follow here because as you said before its a builder server. its a death of tactics and fighting spirit. and its all fault of old edmw here who decided to forgo all battle tactics and use their size to kill opposition. send everything you have. forget all rules of combat. you are big you have ts, numbers so you can rebuild the troops killed so forget all the rules of evolution and be apes

      Alpha - RUN

      Pi - Bane, SnM

      Gaia - UN

      "Real life? Never heard of that server"