SnM-EDMW Discussion thread.

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    • now Avenger is making excuses. EDMW never makes excuses even though...

      yeah, we all have a real life (and presuppose that others do as well)
      we all have internet and/or computer issues (and presuppose that others do as well)
      that we all are busy (and presuppose that others are as well)
      we all have various family members sick or ill periodically (and presuppose others do as well)

      the difference is that we, in EDMW, don't ridicule others when they do something "incorrect". That's Landian.

      We don't need to. We let our force speak for us. Your "leader" needs childish - let's go on the board and blather about how superior we are.

      You don't like how we use our size Avenger? Oh well. Yup, we have size as an advantage. In fact, we have a lot of advantages and use them all. We don't have to cheat - that's your alliance. We don't have to make 15 multis to drain our temples, protect our islands, spy inside your alliance, spend mega bucks on ambro, etc. We have the gold, we have the goods, we have the members who will support our fighters and our members. Too bad you don't and too bad you didn't look at us and see our advantages cuz they destroyed your alliance. Yeah, you 2...3 and potentially 5 can attack when we have your towns and harbors blocked, go on the board and tell all how superior you are for unblocking your towns but everyone knows who won this "action" and it aint SnM..and it never will be. You all need to come to terms with that.
    • Avenger. wrote:

      every normal guy who player seriously for a year know all those things you say about tactics. i know it, you know it, landi know it. its nothing to brag about. but this server is not about tactics

      everyone should know the basics of fighting within a year of starting a war game, that is 100% true.
      btw that cr posted, i cant put that down either, it looked like a probe looking for units not an attack.
      the tactics thing, it is not about knowing how to fight and doing the things that all players should know how to do,, i am talking about a higher level of planning and thinking about how you fight, i think its lacking on this server, i am not claiming edmw has got it either, but i will continue to preach this until they bury my last cook,
      only 2 times in 7-8 years i have seen a unit that achieved this level of play, i will admit on this point i am just plain greedy, i want that level of play back. and thats why i talk about it so much.
      servers can change imo, its up to veteran fighters to inspire a new breed of younger players who might think a to b fighting/building/piracy is all ikariam is about =) if you crew sees you out fighting and getting hof crs with your mates, they start to want in on that too.... i have accepted after many years of grief that not all players want that, and its ok too=) but those that do will want in. it is human nature.
      once there are enough fighters spread out in enough crews then it is inevitable that it would become a fighting server no?.

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