Version 0.6.10

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Version 0.6.10

    Hello Players
      Today, we have implemented the Version 0.6.10 in our Test Server S666.
        • Feature – Account transfers
            Players can now transfer their accounts to other servers for Ambrosia.
              Transfers are immediate with no waiting time.
                If the town positions are already occupied, then in a similar manner to server merges, the towns will be positioned in suitable free locations in the vicinity. Discounted town relocations may be purchased to allow towns to be freely resettled afterwards.
                  Following a successful transfer, accounts are only playable on the new server.
                    Transfers can only be made to servers that are more than three months old.
                      It is not possible to transfer to a new server if the player were to land in the Top 50 on the total highscore lists of the target server.
                        War servers are excluded from this feature (and the Test Server).
                        • Feature – Achievement Titles
                            Various achievement levels now unlock titles. Players can select one of the unlocked titles in their profiles which will then be displayed before the player name in various locations in the game (inc. island view, diplomacy and highscore tables)
                          • Feature – Whilst plundered goods are being loaded, the town owner can now track this in a new table in the port.
                          • Feature – Generals now receive a town advisor message when an alliance member's town or port is occupied.
                          • Community Feature – Spying missions can now be initialised from the island view, with a new button in the actions of the left-hand menu whenever you have spies in a city.
                          • Modification – The pillory has been removed.
                      • Bug fix – The display indicating the duration of a miracle's effect had disappeared from the temple.
                      • Bug fix – The display for Gauntlet Wars was unnecessarily split over two lines in certain languages.
                      • Bug fix – Certain information in the help screens on war servers displayed the standard values rather than the faster war server stats.
                      • Bug fix – Having multiple buildings in the queue in a city sometimes led to the construction time of the first building being displayed next to all over buildings in the queue.
                      • Bug fix – Alliance members' military actions to relieve occupied alliance cities or ports were erroneously shown to the general in both the 'Alliance military actions' and 'Attacks on alliance members'.
                      • Bug fix – If the standard capacity of 500 goods per ship were not used during trade missions, the 10% travel bonus time for oligarchies was not respected.
                      • Bug fix – Clicking the message symbol in the info box of an occupied town or town with an occupied port now sends a message to the occupier, regardless of whether the town's owner or an ally clicks the symbol.
                      • Bug fix – Town links were fixed in the premium military advisor.
                      • Bug fix – Fixed display errors in the expandable mission screen overview menu.
                      • Bug fix – If a player changed their password to the same string of characters in the options, an error message was displayed.
                      • Bug fix – If a player entered an incorrect password confirmation when changing their password in the options, the error message displayed was ambiguous.
                      • Bug fix – Fixed an error in the bar chart display in resource production buildings.
                      • Bug fix – Trade routes with identical source and destination towns are no longer possible.
                      • Bug fix – Fixed an error in the calculation of travel times for units withdrawn from an ongoing battle.
                      • Bug fix – If a player tried to write to someone via the friends list whilst having an external alliance page open, the message was sent to the alliance's diplomat instead.
                        Your Ikariam Team.
                        You'll Never Walk Alone
                      • Hello Players

                        The 0.6.10 version will be expected to be rolled out tomorrow (03.09.2015) in all servers.
                        Please note that the Account Transfer feature will not be activated in .EN servers yet.

                        Your Ikariam Team.
                        You'll Never Walk Alone