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  • Why here spamming people who do not play this game...Ikariam?
    I think that this board for people who play ikariam...
    for example....look Kaleg Nar......he does not play Ikariam and here is the tedious and takes a lot of attention..
    If he seeks girls it should work elsewhere,not here.....
    I propose that this rule change.....this to be a place only for people who play Ikariam
  • Being that there are "players" here that actually have no links to the game but just stick around on the social corner. Really ? Really dudes ? Just get a life, get facebook, get twitter, get out of the boards, just go somewhere else to meet new people and play games, not here. Moreover, what the hell does the Fan-Artist has to do with the game ? You know... That thread which contains some "pictures" (?), dunno even know what they are, made by other people ( I guess ? ) which get voted once a month (again, dunno if I guessed it right). That has 0 links with Ikariam. It's ||, simply Ikariam will never meet that section of the boards with ninjas and hell knows what's there.

    Either make another board for these things and games, or just don't allow them here. There are players that play the game and yet play the board games (eg. DON) but there are "players" that I bet on whatever you want that they don't even have an Ikariam account (eg. I don't give examples here so to not upset people)
  • [pol]I'm going to end it right here, this will not be happening for more reasons than I can count. I will name just a few:

    a) Why just why? This is the forum, everyone can use it.
    b) Nobody has the time and energy to check every account for if they play
    c) People do not have to play to like this game, they will not be stripped of rights to use this board
    d) There is more to this fourm than just Ikariam, it's a place for socialising as well.

    Overall, this is a forum everyone can use, they can play, they can not play, they can play in some other community. As long as rules are followed, we are happy to see everyone here.



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