IGN on Boreas

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    • IGN on Boreas

      I am surprised to find GF is accepting registrations from players with ign such as *CUT* which is surely not acceptable.
      I remember a universal circ being sent a while back reminding ALL players on the ika legally acceptable form of ign.

      Is Boreas an exception???

      [jake]English-only, please. :) If you have an issue with an in-game name, then please report them to a GO/SGO. - Jake[/jake]
    • Well that bit of 'Foreign' wording (only used as an example) got jumped on quick enough. I have reported the ones round me..I wait to see what happens.

      My point was ...why were they accepted in the first place if it is not allowed. I am only showing the anomalies that GF employees (not the hard working volunteers) allow.

      If the registration was done to the rules in the first place...there would be no need to report players.