Version 0.6.11

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Version 0.6.11

    Dear Players
      Version 0.6.11 has now been implemented in our Test Server. You will find several Community Features in the changelog, and numerous bug fixes.
          Your Ikariam Team.
          • Community Feature – The Friend List can now be sorted via a new screen which can be opened from a button in the list.
          • Community Feature – Some new achievements have been added to the Defence category. Defeating other players in land and sea battles will now be rewarded with an achievement in various situations.
          • Community Feature – When spies arrive at their destination town, a town advisor message to this effect will be sent.
          • Community Feature - Chosen titles displayed in italics
          • Modification – The way the password reminder system works has been changed. Instead of sending the player an altered password directly, they receive a link to a special page where they can set a new password.
          • Bug fix – If an account was created via the mobile app, it was given 0 Gold instead of 450.
          • Bug fix – Fixed incorrect information in the help screens regarding war servers.
          • Bug fix – Fixed a display error in the Hideout.
          • Bug fix – Fixed an error when automatically extending the Potion of Wisdom.
          • Bug fix – Fixed a display error in the Embassy.
          • Bug fix – Fixed a display error in the Temple.
          • Bug fix – All entry fields have been adjusted to add some space between the text and the frame.
          • Bug fix – On war servers the loading animation in the Port was displayed when the player was loading gold in a different one.
          • Bug fix – The cultural goods requests via the 'Find treaty partner' function counted towards the message limit, and in some cases used up all available space. Each request made via the feature now counts as its own message.
          • Bug fix – Fixed a display error when using the Back button.
          • Bug fix – In certain town advisor messages, towns or player names were not linked.
          • Bug fix – Sometimes when changing towns, the currently open screen was closed, although this would not have been necessary. In other cases the screen remained open, although this was no longer relevant to the chosen town.
          • Bug fix – Fixed a display error in the Friend List.
          • Bug fix – The message regarding the end of a Gauntlet War was sent to the leader rather than the diplomat.
          • Bug fix – When donating goods for expanding a wonder, the list of donors only refreshed the next time the screen was loaded.
          • Bug fix – Whilst the Black Market was being expanded, it was not possible to add new offers or alter existing ones.
          • Bug fix – Whilst expanding the Governor's Residence, the option of transferring the capital there is unavailable. The error message displayed in this case, however, was incorrect.
          • Bug fix – In the travelling time displayed on the transport screen on war servers, the bonuses from Oligarchy and Triton Engines were not taken into account.
          • Bug fix – The general was not able to see all units stationed in occupied locations.
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