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  • Forum Modification

    I was thinking and I came up with an idea: improve the "Thread Following" thing. I would like the forum itself to show me which are the new answers to a thread, because it's kind of a problem when you are following a thread and it gets many answers every day. I'd like to open the thread and be taken to the first new answer since I left it the day before. It will make it easier to follow an interesting thread. For example, the "Some New Players" one. It gets lots of answers every day, and at the end you are lost trying to remember which answer was the last you read, and then finding it. I'd like to see what do you guys think of it. Finally, I'm not an English speaker, and it's my first suggestion in this language, so sorry for the mistakes I might have made :D
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  • I think I got it. There is such an option on the main page of the board. See the following screenshot:

    Clicking the green arrow allows you for jumping to the first unread post of the thread. But there is a lack of this option in the sections of the board. See the following screenshot:

    Clicking the green arrow in this case bring you up with the latest post of the thread, not the first unread one. I think Bauti is right; we need the option to go to the first unread post, because going to the latest post of a thread is much easier (just by going to the last page).

    By the way, Bauti, have you noticed that in a thread, your unread posts have a star at their top? However, it is not helpful enough when you don't know you last unread page.

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