What's happened to the [youtube] videos code?

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  • What's happened to the [youtube] videos code?

    I haven't been on for some time on the boards so I probably missed something :S and only noticed when I tried to post a video in the "What Music You Listening To?" thread that it didn't post the video but the text ?(

    I thought I made a mistake or that I un-ticked the BBCode in the message but looked and noticed on previous times I have posted a clip that the clip has been removed and only the text is leftover?

    Nothing too important but I just wondered if anyone knew what was up and if I missed something here or that its just me being unable to see them :D
  • Okay, so I've looked into it, discussed with people involved and here's what's happening:

    We removed the code. We removed it but for a good reason. The code, specially one thread where it is used A LOT was seriously affecting the loading speeds of said thread (as the code was pulling images and embed info from YouTube) and the dataplans of many users and teamlers who used this thread. We were getting to a point where a single thread-loading demanded over 30MB of data capacity and this simply could not go. It is a) seriously slowing down the loading speed and b) seriously hurting mobile network users. As such, the code was removed and we ask you to simply use links instead. I hope you can understand why such decision was made.


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  • Since it happened only in one thread (if I understood correctly) - maybe better solution was just split that thread into more smaller ones and not allow to make video threads bigger than X posts? Posting links is good thing but to open each of them to just watch video without any clue what's it about.. sorry, but no from me. :S
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