Anonymous -X- VS Xenopus Laevis(Xel)

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Atina wrote:

    All CRs that are not from members these 2 alliance will not be

    Can you explain it to me too? , there are Xel members who quit their alliance in the duration of the war. Some of those members were attacked and pillaged by me . Are those points not to be calculated because they leave the alliance or got kicked before war ended?
    Charon[-X-]-soon to be back
    Warserver Ares2-playing

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  • Well, it seems that much of the war has simmered down.

    I tried talking to the diplomat of XeL, but he seemed rather unsavory for my taste.

    To make things short, he ended up ignoring me for no apparent reason.

    I hope you guys have had fun. To be honest, I don't like ADAM (as I've heard him) nor Clyde (personal experience), but let's hope it doesn't turn out like the VN - A vs BS war.

    If it is your word, they shall all die.
  • What are you talking about Adam?? Its not fair..

    LT constantly atackd XeL with PG, BS.. they are aliances which use wars
    because they is afraid fighting with inactive players and just use

    I dont interest what X will do in future, i dont care..

    But XeL know what we will do..

    Visit all shinking hyenas:-)

    Of all the lies you choose to tell, you choose the worst one.

    Maybe this is why you ignored me? Maybe it was because you couldn't face the truth?

    Or was it because of your ignorance?

    If it is your word, they shall all die.

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  • Thing is, it's not the good things I've heard about you.

    You used to be good, as I hear. What happened?

    You might never have heard of me, but the better for us to come from the shadows to slice all apart.

    What's the good thing about you keeping Ikariam going? You buying ambrosia?

    Sorry, but it's the truth as I have seen. Your arrogance, your betrayal of Sky. Your betrayal of XeL.

    You have disappointed many, including the diplomats of several alliances, as well as the leaders of several alliances.

    For the love of God, ADAM, there is still redemption.

    You might come to destroy me after this, but it is a price I am willing to pay.

    If it is your word, they shall all die.

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