Fall of Man (FoM)

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    • Fall of Man (FoM)

      Greetings Everyone!
      I'm here to represent Fall of Man as the Leader of this Alliance.
      I decided to write this intro, not to recruit, but mainly for future reference.

      We are an alliance that tries to keep out of people's personal freedoms,
      but might have to interfere somewhat, if the situation requires it.
      We try to work democratically whenever possible, and have already had votes regarding conflicts and wars. Most of the occupants of our positions have been elected by choosing the person with the best credentials.

      But we aren't without rules.
      We want our members to have at least 5% of their points be generals,
      and we require activity. We don't kick players out without warnings, and accept every applicant if they fit our standards.

      Since we've been getting way too many applications we decided to create a wing-alliance/academy alliance for people interested in our alliance but lack the points to join us. This has helped us deal with the constant flow of applications, though now Rise of Man seems to be having the same problem we had, when we created it.

      I'm EXTREMELY proud of all of you guys in the alliance, and I want to thank you for sticking around. We've all contributed to a great community with active in-game alliance boards. I'm humbled by the amount of players helping each other out.
      Just seeing something like this makes this alliance worth all the time many of us have devoted to it!

      Display Spoiler
      MrClip from Liberalo
      Anter[FoM] from Barad-dûr, legal1ze[FoM] from Quarth, Xeferah[FoM] from Ilsepolis, jovica1987[FoM] from kamen-1

      I deleted all the info to protect the players participating. The entire battle log can be seen in our alliance forums!

      Winners: legal1ze[FoM], Xeferah[FoM], jovica1987[FoM], Anter[FoM]

      Losers: MrClip