War Immortal(GODS) vs Hells Elite(HELL) - Discussion

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    • War Immortal(GODS) vs Hells Elite(HELL) - Discussion

      I though this might be a good space for people to discuss the ongoing and exciting war going on, without interfering.
      I specially placed it into the discussion section with the prefix 'discussion' and added the same word to the end of the topic to make it as clear as possible:
      This is only the discussion part. Nothing in here matters. :)

      I think an interesting topic right for the start, has to be the time or lack thereof given to Hell.
      What do you guys think, is it just part of war tactics, or should there have been a warning period? :?:
    • I absolutely think there should have been a warning period... i am the diplomat of HELL and i got a gauntlet war offer 5 minutes before i got the news that they declared war on us... this should be interesting as they must have had time to organize... hope they can put up a fight
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    • I guess it's technically a tactic, just like any other dirty tactic is. As long as this doesn't get out of hand and doesn't become a norm, this should be fine. The only thing that I'm worried about is the fact that they both didn't give any time for the other alliance to prepare, and also set a limit to how long the war wages on. That seems like an interesting combination... Are we going to be seeing weekend long wars without warnings in a year or two? I hope not.
    • Why do you want to be called before like, I'm on my way to kill you be ready?

      Your suppose to always be prepared for action. Can't claim to be a military alliance but complain when you get declared on. Please let's get a break

      And if you think that is a dirty tactic then you haven't seen nothing. I'm probably the dirtiest player you will ever meet and I have many tricks up my sleeve. The only objective is to win and that is always the intention

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    • If what's being said in the war thread is true then the important tactic is making sure the smaller players have no military. It's extremely hard to kill the troops of an active player who knows what they're doing. Unless alliances are ultra selective about who they let in (and neither HELL nor GODS are) most of the scoring will come from hitting people who aren't the main combatants. If loot doesn't count then an alliance can remove its own weak spot as long as it's organised enough for its lesser players to obey orders and have no troops.
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    • grotnot wrote:

      I'm guessing GODS lost, since we didn't get a result 72h after the war ended?
      and how did you guess that? you can read the CRs right? enough to show who won. i just got real busy so couldn't calculate the damage.
      but if calculations really matters to you Gods won by 4k Generals. here is screenshot of gauntlet war conclusion


      thank you hell for giving a decent fight

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    • Finally! Been waiting on my edge for a while now!
      People don't always remember to report everything on the forums,
      so I couldn't really trust the forums... And now that the thread closed,
      I was wondering what happened to it.
      Good luck to the next one :)