Increase Maximum Towns to 13

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  • Increase Maximum Towns to 13

    General Information:
    Many players achieved the maximum number of towns years ago. For many all the towns are fully developed and building further levels on existing buildings takes a long time. Plus with modern combat and Pirating not having a mobile town is detrimental.

    What are you suggesting?
    Increase the maximum number of colonies (towns) to 13.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?
    It will allow long established players (5 years+) to gain another town and properly take part in modern combat and play in the Pirate raids model properly.
    Or they can elect to develop the 13th town

    Suggestion Reason:
    1. It will revitalise the gameplay for the long established players (eg we could develop the town and have a chance to properly use the new building types - Black market) without having to rip down existing building that have take a long time to build.
    2. It will allow players with fully developed 12 towns to have a mobile colony and thus open up combat again.
    3. It will allow the same players to properly take part in Pirate Raids - it is clear that players without mobile colonies CANNOT complete against those that do. The Pirating Raids have fallen into disfavour for the majority (eg you only needed 30K to get into top 50) and the SAME players WITH mobile colonies keep winning the huge amount of resources that are on offer and other players cannot compete against this.

    Other Information:
    I have been playing Ikariam for nearly 8 years now and am at position 10 in the High Score table. I feel that until players like myself (and I know other top 20 players feel the same way) can compete again against players who started later and thus did not have 12 fully developed towns when new elements like Black Market and Pirate Raids, more and more of us will quit the game. Ikariam has already lost 3 or 4 top 20 players in 2015 - players who just stopped playing after many years.

    We also need a new challenge to re-open the game and simply increasing the max towns to 13 would massively help open up the game again.

    "Don't piss me off - I'm running out of room under the patio"