Why The Sky Is Really Blue

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    • Why The Sky Is Really Blue

      Given that The Wyoming Plan was decently successful at initiating some discussion, I figure I may as well share this conspiracy theory with you. It's actually the first one I wrote down. Anyways, here it goes.

      Why is the sky blue? It is a question that has preyed on the minds of many great people and is often a question asked by young children as they grow up into the world. Many physicists will tell that it has to do with light coming from the sun as white light. They will tell you about Raleigh scattering and how the blue light in the white light bounces off particles in the sky and becomes more dispersed during the day creating the blue look. They might even go on to tell you that the beautiful sunset hues are caused when red, yellow, and orange light have to travel a much longer distance to our eyes and undergo Raleigh scattering too. They say that there is no blue as it becomes overly dispersed. However, as you may have guessed from the title, they are wrong. There is a far more accurate, alibi sinister, reason as to why the sky, if it may be called that as you read on, is blue. The reason also ties into other matters and it is through that compelling evidence that I will back up this idea that some may call crazy. But you my reader know that this is not a crazed paper. Let the truth be known.

      In the late neolithic era, man discovered agriculture. It switched from being a nomadic tribal species to settled agriculture in villages in many cases. It also moved with its herds of domestic animals. At the same time it began working metal in the late neolithic era by starting with copper. (Evidence for that comes from Ötzi the iceman who was found in the Alps.) Some may say that this is a grand show of what humans were capable of finding out. However, is it truly reasonable to believe that people that had been wandering for many thousands of years just started farming? Also, it is interesting to note that only the agricultural societies have stories of aliens. What really happened was an early colonization of Earth. Aliens saw that there was value in Earth. Perhaps they didn’t know it had inhabitants already and came down. Once present on the planet, they discovered the primitive humans and decided to incorporate them in their empire. They gave knowledge and advanced the technology of the time. Being artistic, they also built many of the ancient monuments. In the Inca, they taught them their way of life. However, man is a power-hungry species. It is doubtless that with the new knowledge, they led revolts in order to establish their own kingdoms. One by one the aliens had to leave in the face of such a popular revolt. As a revenge, they took away all their really advanced technology to let humans live in squalid conditions. In the Mediterranean, where the really large riots happened, they were forced to sink Atlantis in order to be able to stop people from hampering their exodus. As the last of the alien race left the planet, they held a conclave in order to find a way by which to contain such a violent race. As the interest was only in preventing humans from leaving the planet, not at hampering their intraplanetary migrations, it was decided that a planetary shell was needed. With that decided, the extraterrestrials went about their construction of such a shell. In order to construct the containment sphere without hindrance, it was necessary for them to outfit it with their equivalent of TV screens. In order to show that they had done something, they decided to set the TVs to the sky colors we see today rather than having the clear sky of no color they had had before. At the end of their construction, the Earth was encompassed in a giant sphere that projected an electronic blue sky.

      Now, you may be thinking that we would crash into this huge sphere during our planet’s orbit around the sun. Due to the genius of the extraterrestrial construction however, they have synced the sphere’s orbit with that of the Earth. They connected the sphere to the Earth itself. At four points-- true North, true South, and the two intersection points of the Equator and the Prime Meridian-- huge columns span from the Earth to the sphere. Obviously they cloaked them in highly advanced television screens. In order to run the the sphere, they ran many other tubes throughout the crust of the Earth. The heat generated by these tubes melts much rock and after such a long time in functioning order, has burned and melted much of the hard earth, creating our mantle. Also, this heating creates immense build ups of pressure and as a necessity, volcanoes were crafted as a clever way of disguising the pressure release valves. However, sometimes these tubes burst and release large volumes of energy in what we call earthquakes. As areas that have broken once are more prone to another malfunction, these have created illusions of what the geological community has called fault lines in the earth. As most of the energy fortunately goes underground, it shifts the loose sections of the crust (created by frequent explosions) and makes it seem like there is continental drift.

      Now, as anyone that looks out at the sphere notices, the projections are not blue all day. While real clouds get in the way at times and perforate the blue, you may have noticed what you may call the sunset or night time. This may seem to disprove my discovery, but alas it is not so. Indeed, a large sphere of the size it is would take an exuberant amount of power to run all day. Also, the aliens were conscious as to the needs of the creatures of the night. The sphere became solar powered. As the dark of night would not power it, they had to devise a way of seamlessly clever way of making the transition from day to night. As a consequence, rather than a merely darkening sky as unsphered worlds experience, they gifted the Earth with a fantastic display in the evening. Now the idiotic skeptics are decrying this as a reason for there to be no sphere. They argue that this planet would be dead cold with the sphere intercepting the heat. However, in the early stages, heaters were installed on the third rock from the sun to keep it inhabitable. As time has gone on, the sphere is now being warmed up gradually by the sun to create a warmer climate. This is what some foolish climatologists decry as global warming. What they don’t understand is that what’s really happening is that the Earth is a cookie in a giant oven. And as the supports for the dome come in in the polar regions, those are having some of the most noticeable effects.

      Up to this point I have dealt with only the Earthly effects of the sphere. However, space the last frontier is for our sad planet, a fallen dream. I do not need to go into full depth of the space programs as you, my reader, probably already know them to be faked. The pictures from space we get are really just of the really detailed images on the sphere’s screens. I will answer however, the reasonable question of how cell phone signals are transmitted. It is simple really, skilled cell phone companies use towers to bounce them off the dome. bad coverage is a result of bad aim or lack of towers. Meteors are another profound question and they are merely chunks that fall off the sphere as it ages.

      It has come to my attention that the sky has gotten lighter over time as evidenced by paintings throughout time. There is a rather simple explanation. Maintaining the sphere is a large task that requires much revenue. As they looked to Earth for revenue they became acquainted with reality TV. Earth is a dynamic place. However, a dark sky made for dark programming and in order to lighten the mood, a cheerier color was needed. With that, they made the sky lighter and for some shows, decided to use other colors to represent polluted regions, hence Beijing’s yellow sky.

      You came to the beginning of this article an ignorant lamb, but now you know better. Many of you will say that my knowledge is a lie and you will feel better for it despite your ignorance. Others of you will however accept my knowledge and go on a mission to educate the world. Good luck to you. As for those of you who doubt my superior mind that has the ability to cut through the illusion, you are idiots. My evidence clearly supports my factual claim and fits in much better to the real world than the junk science you have suckled on in fear of the truth. I know I will never be able to truly convince the skeptics no matter what proof I give, but be willing to learn. All I ask for any reader of my discovery is that you give it all the serious consideration it deserves.

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    • If the sky is really a huge television, it's the wrong color.

      "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."
      -- William Gibson, Neuromancer

      I've always like this answer by Professor Irwin Corey (The World's Foremost Authority):
      Q: Why is the sky blue?
      A: That is a two-part question. The first part is “Why?” Why is a question that has been plaguing man since time immemorial. Statesmen, philosophers, educators, teachers, scientists have all been asking the ultimate Why? In these few moments allocated me, it would be ludicrous on my part for the sake of brevity to delve into the ultimate Why. The second part is, “Is the sky blue?” Yes.

      Another theory is that the color we see is from the wavelengths of light which are not absorbed, and so the sky is every color except that special blue.