Town Shifting use for pirate Raids

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  • not only because i think you are biased as a GO
    Feel free to report my inappropriate actions and behavior to higher level - maybe I won't disturb you as a GO after that. ;) If you have forgotten - this is a public board and here I'm a general user who is allowed to tell my opinion within the rules, even if someone doesn't like it.
    He must have teleported around 30 to 50 times in the last 3 days of piracy
    So - because of one or two extreme players (who bring a lot of money to company) we should restrict all other ambro users who maybe move the town just sometimes? Nice idea...

    For those who all the time are whining about ambrosies and money's influence... well - how many games do you know where paying players don't have a lot of advantages? From my own experiences many games have even worse situation with that where players spend even hundreds of bucks each month just to get in the TOP.
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  • Also I haven't found in the suggestion how this cooldown should work: to all towns or only to recently moved one? And for how long time?
    Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

    "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."
    (c) Albert Einstein
  • Draxo wrote:

    So - because of one or two extreme players (who bring a lot of money to company) we should restrict all other ambro users who maybe move the town just sometimes? Nice idea...

    How exactly would a 24 hour cooldown limit those who just move a town sometimes? They move it to be on a better island for example, and I'm certain they are either staying there permanently or can wait 24 additional hours to move again for idk what reason. (I moved some of my towns as well, only once, to get a better miracle / be in a better neighbourhood, and it never occured to me "Damn, now that I moved I should instantly move again because why not.") Basically who needs to teleport the same city within 24 hours is 100% a pirate, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    Another thing is, that on my server, there is a guy who is a strong pirate, and using teleports at the end of the round to raid people. In some rounds, when he is the stronger (Yes, that happens) your placement basically depends on whether you are in a good relationship with that guy or not. Not your alliance, only you. At you can say it's one guy, but that thing still exists, and it's influence on the server is HUGE compared to him being only 1 guy.

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  • Different point of views and interesting stands. Healthy discussion. :thumbsup:

    Nice idea. at least have a cool-down time before using the ambrosia relocation again is not a bad idea at all. its not even a super major catastrophic add-on to the game. its making the game more encouraging to those who are spending less or who dont spend at all. And it is providing a temporary restriction to the over abusive users.

    A suggestion on how long would the cool-down time should be voted as well. For me, maybe a 3 to 5 hours will make a big difference. :)
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  • Why would I care to report you? its not like it would make a difference even if you had called me seven shades of glory as ive noticed more and more in game having been called a nicer name for a female dog the other day before being told to get back to the kitchen, nothing happened there.... Seriously though you divert the point of it for that ?
    I find your comments are not constructive and no not only because "they dont support my view" ;( :p
    I simply point out you are a company man, as you can feel free to point out im not going to spend over 100 pounds a month on here as im not a nut case and i dont get free ambro coupons for deeds done to GameForge.

    So putting the jabs at each other aside because its petty of us after all and our mothers would be ashamed.

    " for those who are always whining about money and its influence line" there are alot of games where how much cash you have wont stop a better player crushing you on, namely almost every single game on PC or console.
    Sure some games I have played on browsers have been so money oriented you can get anywhere without it which instantly lost its flare with me, here I dont mind spending a bit but when the game starts to become an ambrosia arms race it rapidly loses its charm.

    And this ladies and gentlemen is what we do not want to happen to ikariam we want it to retain its unique charm as a game that can be played by those that pay and those that dont but accessibly so.

    Yes you quote the one or two extreme players who bring alot of money to the company , do you therefore not care about us the less extreme players who over time have also brought alot of money to the company? And at the end of the day there are more of us by far.

    Long live Freemium , but to a limit.

    Rekt is right a cooldown would not limit normal , non extreme play, however you are right draxo, it would be a good question as to how long the cooldown would be.
    Ever moved into a bad neighborhood or got the bum room in a hotel ? teleporting a town is much like that you wont always get what you want, and needless to say your citizens would be mind boggled by the back and forthness of it all, i would expect at the very least rioting and corruption to the scale of a governement change.

    I have seen two more recent suggestions in a chat im in with some other players on the matter.
    The first was a 12h cooldown on teleporting, even a 4h cooldown much like a posedon miracle. The other suggestion was a 1h no raid from a teleported town cooldown, brutal but efficient to meet the needs of the many, maybe not the company .... but then if they lose that much why dont they just make space piracy for ogame or something... free idea there GF ;) tempting isnt it... heheh

    Added to that Sun Tzu, hail the great man himself, has another good point , breeding a type of player who plays from the wallet is lousy it kills the community on which the game depends, much as , once again the disappearance of the boards in all their splendor and glory.

    To further this Majarada's comment is perfect encapsulates the whole idea.
    I will add though as the thought comes to mind....

    I will compair abuse of ambrosia to abuse of illegal substances, I have seen it tear peoples lives appart as they get so addicted to this like gambling and empty pay checks to keep up with people who can throw away enough to teleport whilly nilly and it is allowed?! you dont give adicts more juice or at least make it harder to use.
    A beer now and then is considered fine in some circles , 20 a day not so fine.
    Sky to you lot

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  • I really liked some of the comments about ambrosia users and I'd like to tell my opinion about this.

    I really don't mind those that are using ambrosia to grow faster than others. Because like %90 of them don't even know how to make balanced army or how to attack properly.At least those I saw is mostly like this. I mean they are not experienced enough compared to players that played this game when there were not this much ambrosia features.
    Once others finish neccesary researches and catch those players on research wise, it is not a problem to fight with them. Yes it is still difficult but not impossible right?

    As long as the company that created this game and its admin crew RESPECTS the players I'll definetly support them. I'm living alone and studying at uni while working part time to earn some money. Even it is really difficult for me to live like this, every month I buy ambro to support them. Because I have been playing this game since the release. Even I gave a long break, here I'm again. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to look like a miserable person. I really respect GF but there are huge problems that needs to be fixed and when I see Game operators saying some things that I'm not expecting see is kinda heart breaking for me........

    About piracy, it is like violating the rules. I mean they have a lot of advantages by overusing ambrosia compared to non ambro players. Be honest about this please. It is not possible for others to deal with those ambro players no matter what. How hard you try it means nothing. Yes this is a game and please tell me what are the purposes of playing games? To have fun and enjoy and spend your free time, right? This is one of the main purposes. Well, it differes from person to person tho.
    The thing is those that are richer than others use these advantages excessively and us that cannot afford to buy that much ambrosia lose no matter what.
    This ruins the balance in this game right? I'd not consider this as bussines. If you wanna make a bussiness here you need to keep game alive right? By showing that attitude you are making players leave this game. Why? Because they cannot keep up with ambro players and their suggestions are not considering.

    Piracy is one of the important thing to grow when it comes to mid and late game. You are asking some examples, well I don't understand the reason of that question? If we show you tons of examples about this are you gonna change your mind draxo or what? I assume in database it is possible to see the logs and take a look at what is happening at last days before piracy cycle ends.

    Anyway that is all I want to say for now. English is not my native language I hope I managed to express myself clearly.

    If you really wanna make a bussines here, you need to keep this game alive and rich players should not have that much advantages. If nothing changes and this game keeps going like this, there will be no bussiness to make to be honest with you. This is my opinion. You might agree with me or disagree. It is up to you.

    Best regards,

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    To remember all the words we say.
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  • Draxo wrote:

    Also I haven't found in the suggestion how this cooldown should work: to all towns or only to recently moved one? And for how long time?

    Well as i said the cool down time must be decided by the game operator so that it wont affect their bank account statements !!!!

    and yes if a player shifts a town then no other shifting option must be available till the cool down time is covered up and later to the cool down time any town can be shifted and then will implement a cool down there itself
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  • It's annoying how faulty people's logic is. If the game keeps going like this (AKA nothing changes) a loss of profit will not occur. The same amount of profit will occur. A constant takes I to account the amount t of users that buy product with that that does not, the amount to players that leave with the amount that stay and buy some product here and there. If everything g remains within the same constant,nothing changing would mean no loss of as to how GF should care about its players.. perhaps you haven't been here as long as I have, by here I suppose I should mean all of ikariam.. unpopular decisions (based solely on the amount of inactives and players that outright quit) IS GFs Forte sadly, that doesn't mean that changing something that is used in all areas of play in such a way that it hurts their profits is a smart idea. Hey, let's take something really great and limit it so it doesn't get used as much therefore we potentially make less money.... umm... okay. The argument about "well they should care about thwir free players too" isn't valid. A freemium game cares about its free members and that's why you can play for free (while they wait for you to spend your money) other than that, the more expensive something is for their paying players, the better it should be to support their game and to make more people want to use it.

    let's act like the 24 hour thing gets approved for one second.. how does it actually help the game, here you guys are crying about somebody coming in last minute, hour, whatever and *poof* your hard work is gone.. well guess what, deary, nothing changes with this. But, let's act like you did realize this (somehow I doubt it to be perfectly honest) are you then going to suggest that 24 hours after a town warps that town can't do anything? Genius.

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  • It's quite simple, slowboating all their towns in the last few days would prevent them from jumping their main towns. As for jumping mobiles, well, this suggestion doesn't solve the problem either. I can just demolish a mobile, put a new one up and teleport it, bypassing the teleport cool down for each town.

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  • No, not while occupied, not while slowboated. You can ABANDON a town when occupied or slowboated, but not while a pirate-raid is ongoing. You can TELEPORT a town with an ongoing pirateraid.
  • Town can't be moved if there are any fleet movements to of from it (excepting piracy).

    Regarding abandon - player can delete his town whenever he wants (excepting if there are any piracy raids).
    Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

    "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."
    (c) Albert Einstein
  • So let me see if I got that right:

    -troops, ships attacking town: abandon=yes
    -troops, ships attacking town: move=no
    -troops occupy town: abandon=yes
    -troops occupy town: move=no
    -pirate raid coming to town: abandon=no
    -pirate raid coming to town: move=yes

    So, you can't move a "mobile" town ony if pirates are coming. On the other hand, you can pay ambrosia and, effectivly, avoid a pirate raid (by sending the town way way far away!). Well, I don't see GF stopping the unlimited use of that, because it's a huge income from heavy ambrosia users of the pirate game.

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    You actually tried to pat the duckling = stupid :P
  • -pirate raid coming to town: abandon=no
    Also you can't abandon while the enemy's pirates are returning back (you can only demolish the fortress then).
    On the other hand, you can pay ambrosia and, effectivly, avoid a pirate raid (by sending the town way way far away!)
    Nope - you can move the town but time for incoming raid (and also way back) remains the same, even if you move the town to the other corner of world.
    Found a bug or think something doesn't work in the game? Don't be afraid and write a ticket or PM me! :)

    "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."
    (c) Albert Einstein
  • No because you can't just jump a town around and raid the top 50 in piracy at the end of the round. Besides a slow boat fixes that in a second. In order to raid the top 50 you need CS and if someone with no CS decides to do this and becomes top pirate then maybe you need to relook at your piracy agreements and stop farming.
  • Piracy sucks now

    I do not play the piracy game anymore, just a waste of time.

    i use ambro sparingly basically for moving a city to pillage inactives or to move additional resources.
    there needs to be limits on when someone builds an MC for piracy - perhaps the percentage of piracy points they get depends on the level of the Pirate Fortress - this would force them to have to spend time and build up the fortress to get maximum points.

    Same thing can be done for warping a city - perhaps in the last 3 days of a piracy cycle a warped city can only get a certain percentage points based on the time they arrived on the island.