Town Shifting use for pirate Raids

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  • My two cents, what is worth.

    If a player wants to ambro teleport to my town to grab my pirate points, NO PROBLEM. That is REAL money he is spending to take my points I have collected for no money. They want my points that badly, they are welcome to it.

    These types of players DO NOT LAST. They will spend spend spend and then once the money is gone, they go inactive fairly quickly.

    The other tactics one needs to win at pirates, slow boat to hide the attack, mobiles, building and destroying pirate fortresses, building a cooperative network, etc is a pain but it is part of the game. It makes the game engaging every 3rd Sunday night.

    It seams that many people are trying to automate the game. The easier it is, less addictive the game is, less satisfaction for the in game achievements. This means less people dedicated to the game.
  • I agree piracy isn't what it used to be... Everyone has no raid agreements and many multi accounts feeding them or their ally. I've been saying for a while Piracy shouldn't be every 3 weeks it should be something that happens randomly 4 times a year and lasts 4 weeks. The competition for the prizes would be much greater and I would be willing to spend alot more ambro knowing this doesn't happen consistently.

    You won't get game forge to put a cool down on town moves it costs about $20 per jump and if someone is jumping 5+ times at the end of a piracy round they aren't going to pass up that cash.
  • Hopla wrote:

    Once a suggestion is approved, it gets 90 days to be discussed. If your idea is very well received by the Ikariam community and players feels it is merited, then it will be moved to the Reported Suggestions forum. For a suggestion to get into the Reported section, the suggestion must receive more than 80% upvotes, minimum 12 out of 15 votes, after 90 days of being active.

    90 Days have passed and unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions.

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