Plus feature request: add continuous building option to build queue

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  • Plus feature request: add continuous building option to build queue

    General Information:

    I'm going through the rebuild shuffle, having destroyed an Embassy to build an Optician, but many players go through this, usually with Warehouses. I'd really like a checkbox to give the option of 'Keep building this building until I run out of resources, the building reaches max level, or I tell you to stop.'

    What are you suggesting?

    This would be a modification of the existing building queue system. When you go to build a building you get a checkbox and it auto-fills - and keeps auto-filling - the building queue until it is no longer possible due to max level. When the town runs out of resources, the build is cancelled in the normal way. To cancel the auto-fill, the player just manually removes the entry or entries in the build queue.

    As an alternative to the checkbox, if the game detects that all four entries in the build queue are the same, it could prompt to auto-add the next level of the building on completion of the current entry. I don't know which way would be easier to implement.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

    It makes rebuilding much easier.

    Suggestion Reason:

    Why are you suggesting this? What will it solve/make easier? Think carefully about this one, most suggestions will get heavy critical feedback. Make sure you give a detailed reason and your suggestion solves the issue that you think there is.

    My aim is to enhance game play for paying players. The destruction / new build / rebuild shuffle is a real hassle on large accounts, and making it easier makes play more enjoyable and encourage people to pay.
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  • Restriction for max buildings in the list is made for a reason. Maybe next suggestion will be to make something else automatically to avoid player's login more and more?
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  • Hopla wrote:

    Once a suggestion is approved, it gets 90 days to be discussed. If your idea is very well received by the Ikariam community and players feels it is merited, then it will be moved to the Reported Suggestions forum. For a suggestion to get into the Reported section, the suggestion must receive more than 80% upvotes, minimum 12 out of 15 votes, after 90 days of being active.

    90 Days have passed and unfortunately this community (or any other community at this point in time) have not given enough votes for it to be moved into Reported Suggestions.

    Thank you for your contributions. :)

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