Option to kick out defending units/ships from your own town

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  • Option to kick out defending units/ships from your own town

    General Information:

    What are you suggesting? I am suggesting a button that would let you return the defending units or ships in your own towns.

    How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? Your towns are your own property, you should be able to decide what units or ships are allowed to stay there.

    Suggestion Reason: There are times when you would like to ambro move your town and you can't cause there are alliance members' troops and ships in them, you have to wait for them to come back to remove them. Also sometimes enemies would send their troops and ships to your own towns so they get free protection. This all could be avoided by having a button to kick certain units or ships from your own towns.

    Render/Image/Screenshot: imagine an arrow button next to every bunch of units or ships defending your town in 'troops in the town screen', same as when your own troops or ships are in another town, and you can just recall them by hitting the arrow

    Do you have a picture/render/screenshot of what it might look like? A visual aide always helps an idea come to life.

    Special Notes: I am sorry if this suggestion was already made, I looked and could not find likewise.

    Anything else you want to add.


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