Tavern "Happiness" Face Indicator Not Accurate

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    • Tavern "Happiness" Face Indicator Not Accurate

      General Data
      A summary of the bug: The happiness face in the tavern can be wrong, such that it can (for example) show a happy face even when happiness level is negative. The amount it is off by can vary, though it is difficult to tell exactly because no numbers are displayed in the tavern, you can only get it to the nearest 60. Sometimes it is 1 wine-level worth of happiness off, sometimes it is almost 300 (face in the tavern shows euphoric at 66 happiness in the town hall, when reduced to 6 the tavern face changes to Happy). The face displayed in the town hall always correctly matches the happiness number reported in the town hall, only the tavern face seems to get off. Side note, it would be nice to add the exact happiness number in the tavern, instead of having it only show in the town hall.

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      Server/World: Beta
      Player-ID: 251031
      InGame Name: Dreadnought
      City-ID: 442523
      Exact ingame time or time frame and date:
      - What Tablet/Mobile Phone used (exact reference)? Google/LG Nexus 5X
      - Which operating system version? Android version? iOS? Android 6.0.1
      - Which browser and which browser version?

      Other/Further Information:



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