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  • Does anyone know what the suggested width for images etc. are on the forums. How much horizontal space do we have?
    I've tried to get it through the 'inspect elements' feature in chrome, but haven't found anything useful yet...
  • Well, never know exactly the size announced on board when i was playing this game few years back. But I think most people has no difficulty submitting images on their post. Of course you will not post mega bytes file right? kilo bytes should be enough around 150kb is sufficient for web post on this board, have you tried?
  • Thanks DuzeL for the reply!
    I'm not having problems posting pictures, I'm just annoyed to see an over sized
    picture shrink after everything has loaded, and I was trying to get a picture large
    enough to where that wouldn't happen.

    I feel like I got pretty close, but last I checked it was too big again, so I must have
    just left it the wrong size anyways. On a separate note, if people like me are using paint
    instead of actual programs, here's the background color to use instead of messing with