War Server (to end 10th July 2016 18:00)

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Your Ikariam Team

  • War Server (to end 10th July 2016 18:00)

    Greetings to all Warriors

    The English War Server will revive this Friday, 5th February 2016, along with several other communities.

    For those who wish to join in languages other than English, you have:
    DE (German), GR (Greek), FR (French), ES (Spanish), IT (Italian), BR (Portuguese), PL (Polish) and TR (Turkish).

    Start of server: 05.02. at 12:00
    End of registration: 12.06. at 23:59
    Deactivation of payment: 26.06. at 23:59
    End of server: 10.07. at 18:00

    Times are server (ingame) times.

    Please also note that the first piracy season will end on 28.02.2016.

    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • Hello all Warriors!

    This is a reminder about the closure of all War Servers, and to assign your War server badge to the account that you wish to have.

    Once the Server is closed, we cannot and will be impossible to assign the badge(s) to your normal accounts; please do so before the 10th July 2016 (this coming Sunday) at 18:00 (ingame time).

    Go to Player details on the top of your Ingame Screen:

    Your Ikariam Team.
    You'll Never Walk Alone