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  • Dear Sir or Madam.
    I've decided to give WulfSwearm some more visibility, since I'm rather proud of it.
    WulfSwearm is an alliance based around the idea of creating a community. We try
    to find active players that are interested in chatting with people and having open
    conversations. If you're not into being apart of a community, but are all about points
    and scores, then we don't really have a use for you. Scores and points are in the end
    just numbers on paper.
    Our goal is to go beyond numbers on paper and to instead create virtual friendships
    and good memories for all of us. This goal also requires certain tactics in running the
    alliance. WulfSwearm aims to be the most democratic alliance on the server. We
    decide our rules together and which positions in the alliance we want. If there
    are multiple people interested in a position or we disagree on something else, we
    have a vote for it. Most of this is done in our flowering internal forums where a lot
    of our discussions are going on.
    There's always a lot to work on towards making the alliance better than it is, but not
    everyone is excepted to help with that. A ton of time is currently being spent figuring
    out the best way to help those in need.

    If you're in anyway interested in joining, but want to ask or discuss something first,
    consider sending me a private message.

    Yours sincerely, grotnot!

    More information can be found below, since posts can't be edited after a certain point.
  • Conflict: nakos and Derlfinger / Kriegspiel and Lordceleby

    As discussed separately with OMC, we will pursue our goal to let nakos and Derlfinger donate in our main island @ 66:52. I believe in fair negotiations so we will proceed with our 2v2 against them. This will be a fight between nakos & Derlfinger and Kriegspiel & Lordceleby.

    I've already pillage them both and donated the building materials in our forest and quarry respectively.
    We will only stop once they agree to donate on a regular or weekly basis.