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  • If that's the case, sorry, my mistake. All is needed is someone to calculate if it's worth it (calculating some no logins during the 365 days), and od course someone who will use it to post the first two weeks day by day so as we can verify the calculations.

    Pat zi duckling
    You actually tried to pat the duckling = stupid :P

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  • I did some calculations.. IT says, you will get about 1368 ambrosia back with moderate login regularity, ie: if you forget to login approximately 1-3 days per month.. but if you are even more irregular than that.. this is not for you..

    Here is a screenshot of my Excel work..


    Red boxes are those days when you didn't login, and Green boxes are those days that don't exist, ie 29th and 30th February (when not a leap year ie 2017)

    Hope you like it :beer:

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  • Just assuming 5 amb. per day, it would take 240 days to pay for itself. Of course they can't let it be that simple, but it's a starting point for sorting out whether you're interested in looking further.

    The ramp-up period of 1, 1, 2, 3{before the 4, 5, 6 cycle starts) leaves you 13 amb. short, so that's about 242.6 days to break even.
    Missing a login (or forgetting to click the fountain even if you log in?) costs you the average 5 amb. plus a new ramp-up that again costs 13. Total of about 18 amb. missed.
    With perfect login/collection, you'd have about 122.4 days of profit, after the period
    Every time you miss, it basically costs you 3.6 days.
    Miss 34 times and you break even, 35 and you're in the hole.

    these are of course rough estimates, but they're clse enough for me to decide it isn't worth the stress it could cause me. In around 11 days I'll be done with my Sojourner medal on Ingress, and I don't want to start a new anchor of obligation.
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  • Agreed with Thanatos and others who are saying it isn't worth it or too much risk.

    If you would get the ambro just by logging (just like daily bonus) and the facade will be of 30 days costing you (1200/12) 100 ambrosia which could give you back (1800/12) 150 ambrosia.. Then I could think of it..