Version 0.7.2

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Dear users,

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Your Ikariam Team

  • Version 0.7.2

    Dear Players

    The following is the version 0.7.2.

    This will normally come on live on all communities on the 16th February 2016

    • Premium feature – The Ambrosia Fountain is a building found in players' capitals. It can be activated for the next 365 days with Ambrosia. The player can then collect a small amount of Ambrosia from the fountain every day, granting them more than 1800 Ambrosia in total by the end, which is far greater than the purchase price.
    • Modification – The current pirate highscore table now displays whether a player is within range for a raid.
    • Modification – The IP sharing notice has been improved, whenever accidentally interacting with players from the same IP address.
    • Modification – The tooltip over the finances button now contains additional information (e.g. current upkeep costs).
    • Bug fix – Fixed a number of errors with the alliance rankings.
    • Bug fix – Battles against the barbarian village blocked the Black Market.
    • Bug fix – The 'Online' and 'Vacation' indicators in the friends list only changed with full page reloads.

    • Your Ikariam Team.

    You'll Never Walk Alone