Ghost Delaying

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  • Ghost Delaying

    Hey there,
    So when Inactive players don't log in for a while I understand they're ghosted from the game.

    Can this be delayed however by players interacting with them?

    There is a small town next to mine which has been inactive for a while now.
    They registered on 24th January this year, yet went (i) about a week or so back, so they could be in Phase 2.

    The trouble is someone is occupying them with a fleet but has since gone on holiday.

    One inactive town I raided disappeared right after my troops came home - So is this the same scenario? Will this little town not do that so long as the fleet remains there?

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  • No, interacting with the inactive will not prevent it from ghosting. The phases of ghosting continues regardless of other players raiding or pillaging the inactive :)