Let's end Asklepios suffering.

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    • Let's end Asklepios suffering.

      Well, hello Asklepios players.

      I think finally we have to start put a pressure over Admin's heads, we all want the server merge!
      This topic is languishing and if we won't put an effor on it, nothing will change. We are GameForge costumers, they have to understand that it's not pleasant gameplay anymore - islands are half-empty, markets are swept, server looks like Chernobyl in 1987.
      Please share your opinion below, I want to hear your thoughts on this.
    • Rho is a good place to have fun :)

      I am from 3YAG originally from Lambda and we came to Rho during one of the first server merges. Also last year the Iranian servers moved to Rho.

      So now we live with everyone vs. Iranian alliances.

      Mergers end up being more fun than before the merge :)

      3YAG is a great place to call home as long as you are willing to contribute and fight, so check us out or message us directly.

      I can also answer questions about the server as well if you have them, hope to see some of you there and sometimes the grass is greener than the other side. New faces is a lot better than no faces, trust me on this one :) lol
      Leader of 3YAG
      Coming to RHO on the server merge? Check out 3YAG(on RHO) for a good environment and a place to call home as long as you contribute and are willing to fight when needed. Message me, same name in game as here
      "My pride in my followers knows no bounds"