Display misalignment in lower bar

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    • Display misalignment in lower bar

      General Data
      A summary of the bug:

      Not sure this is the right place to report, but anyways, here it goes: in mobile, tablet, safari, troops in town and building level info button in the bottom bar are misaligned with regard to the remaining icons, and shifted partially out of the display pane towards the bottom.

      Account Data (in Options ingame)
      InGame Name:
      Exact ingame time or time frame and date:
      - What Tablet/Mobile Phone used (exact reference)? iPad, mobile Safari (didn't check the app)
      - Which operating system version? iOS 9.3
      - Which browser and which browser version? latest mobile Safari

      Other/Further Information:

    • Since I don't have a tablet at home to test it now - could you please make a screenshot to better understand the problem?

      Thank you. :)
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