Do doctors heal flanking units

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  • Do doctors heal flanking units

    There was a statement made regarding doctors not healing flanking units (swordsmen), only frontline units (Hoplites and Spears (quite some time back @2010-11). Since there is no way (that I know currently) to check if hit points were restored like cooks affecting morale. (1) Is it true they do not heal flankers? (2) is the cost in gold worthwhile, to have a large number (relatively speaking)? Would it be better to simply build and send more hoplites?

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  • Doctors heal all Human units. I have verified this.

    Though, it is very hard to tell and may not be too noticeable.

    For example. if 30 sword attack 30 sword. The first stack deals exactly enough damage to kill 15 units (10 dmg and 10 dmg > 18 hp). Since those 15 are killed but no others are hurt, doctors have no units to heal.
    If 15 sword attacked 15 sword. The stack would kill 7 and injure 1. That one can be healed by the doctor easily bringing it back to full health. So, in a mostly equal fight, that's only a difference of 8 fully healthy units vs a person with 7 full health and one unit at 8hp remaining. The next round both sides would kill another 4 units, so the damage balance isn't offset much.
    However, they are noticeable when healing spartans or hoplites since they have such larger HP potential.

    Doctor healing is not shown easily in battles. The healing is at the start of the round. At the beginning of round 1, every unit has max HP so docs do nothing. After round one completes and the picture is drawn with HP bars showing damage and loss of unit's HP, etc. Then at start of round 2, docs heal for their max amount or will max out HP of all units, then round 2's damage is applied and the picture drawn with HP bars, etc.
  • Thanks for the input [Kitty & Kaleg Nar] I will recruit (build) about 100 Doctors every little bit of difference helps in bragging rights. Docs will not have to be replaced so in the long run it will be worthwhile (to me) 8-)

    Also Thanks to Mogwai :thumbup:
    <3 Ratna

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  • It's enough to have 50-60 docs in the battle - tested in several experiments with different size of battle field and amount of units (unfortunately I can't show combat reports since in this board is allowed to use only in-game combat converter which is more than worse).
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  • Chefs are easy...25 will keep you at full morale no matter what scenario you encounter. Docs are something completely different. The longer the fight goes, the more noticeable their healing becomes and the more that healing is needed. So, for a short fight under 20 rounds, 50 docs will be more than adequate but if you're fighting a 100+round fight more docs would certainly not be detrimental.
  • Nope, 25 is definitely not enough to keep you at full morale for whatever situation you encounter. 50 is usually enough although I keep 31 because I like to save some gold. After all, if I'm losing more than 31% morale, I'm probably losing the battle.

    31 isn't some random number I chose, the extra 1 cook could give me enough morale for another 2 rounds if I'm losing say 40% a round.

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  • The only way that 25 cooks aren't enough is if you are outnumbered, outflanked, being bombed, being hit by multiple players, and losing via damage. So, yes you are right, 25 cooks won't support you in every instance but 25 is all you will need to stay fighting in any fight you need to stay fighting in. If you need more (55 would be the max needed to cancel any and all penalties) than 25 you don't need to be fighting in that fight as you are losing badly.
  • A simple situation where 25 cooks is not enough and you are winning would be:
    Every round -10%
    Opponent's have bombs, you have rams, but they are still hitting -5%
    Opponent is using steam giants, you take more losses -5%
    You are waving and he has his entire army there, so you're outnumbered -5%
    His alliance member has 1 spear in his town -2%

    This is actually a pretty common situation where you're winning, but 25 cooks is not enough.

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  • Alright man...I've been top 10 in OP in Beta for well over the last year and number 1 in OP for the last 2 months. I've also been top 20 in DP for almost all of the last year but have personally never needed more than 25 cooks in a wave during this time. Yes, there are situations where you will need more but if you wave properly and never settle for anything less that a 35/65 damage ratio then you will never need more than 25 cooks.

    For general knowledge this is the subtractions you can get during a battle
    -10% for the round
    -5% opponent dealing more damage
    -5% you suffer more loses than opponent
    -5% you are outflanked
    -5% you are being bombed
    -5% opponent is superior in every way (whatever this means)
    -2% if you are fighting 2 people and -1% more for each additional player you are fighting

    So, yes you can run into times where you need 40 or more cooks but if you are running into times like that your damage ratio is prolly jacked up and you shouldn't be fighting that battle anyways.
  • Your forgot
    -10% Your frontline has been destroyed

    Personally, when I've done ground fighting I've used 30 cooks. It allows a few bad rounds (I know my skill level on the ground) and keeps thing tidy as far as I've seen. Plus cooks aren't terribly expensive.

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  • 33% this is the maximum % of moral loss that I have seen in round 1 .
    And I carry 20-30 cooks depends on the enemy type. Because sometimes 20 is enough against noobs. And 30 is enough for me against anyone .
    And so 30 is most common number of chef that players use.
    And about docs , I would I like to say that when 2 best player/alliances fight a big battle than these doctors create a very marginal difference which sometimes decide the winner.
  • In all honesty, unless you are fielding a very large army (at least 40k GS), the benefits from docs will help you very little. They really only shine on very long battles (60+ round battles); then, they are the difference between a 45/55 damage ratio and a 35/65. They will save you a unit or 2 in shorter battles but what is 20 more lost units in a 10 round battle when compared to the 3000 gold upkeep you'd be paying an hour for 30 docs?
  • 30 cooks and 50 doctors ir enough for normal battles which you don't forget to check and send in necessary units.
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